The Caledonian-Record

June 23, 2004

Letters To Editor - Reservations about officers' attitudes

By Helena Murray

To the Editor:

Since February, I have been reading the articles on the disappearance of Maura Murray. I believe that The Caledonian-Record has covered the story extremely fairly. I do, however, have serious reservations about the approach the various police agencies have taken and their apparent attitude about Maura's disappearance.

I took particular note of some comments that have been made ... "They also said they weren't going to waste any more time on any more worthless leads."

This would seem to discourage anybody from reporting anything. I would ask the law enforcement agencies this question: "How do you know a lead is worthless until you investigate?"

"I think it's almost character assassination of the victims," Bruce had said on Tuesday. "They said Maura wanted to disappear. Brianna, they said she chose an unhealthy life choice."

Mr. Maitland is absolutely correct in this statement, but it doesn't go far enough. Whatever Brianna and/or Maura may or may not have done, why would the law enforcement agencies punish the families.

As to one other comment: "Capt. Bruce W. Lang, chief of Vermont's Bureau of Criminal Investigation, said there is no serial killer on the loose as has been speculated in the media," I would ask whether the person involved in the murders in the later '80s was ever caught. If not, then isn't he probably still on the loose somewhere?

And, yes, as you might guess I am related to Maura, although distantly.

Helena Murray

Weymouth, Mass.