North Country News

January 13, 2006

Private Investigators Work For Free To Find Maura Murray

In early January, members of The NHLI, and other investigators, began working on the Maura Murray case.

In Feb. 2004 college student Maura Murray disappeared while traveling through New Hampshire. Despite extensive efforts by the State and Local Police and Dept. of Fish and Game, she has not been found.

The Board of Directors of The New Hampshire League of Investigators, Inc. voted, unanimously, to take on the task of helping the family. NHLI is the only Professional Association of licensed investigators in the State.

The volunteers come from the NHLI and three surrounding states and are working with the support of the Molly Bish Foundation and other entities, such as S.T.A.L.K, Inc,.

Team members will follow the path set down by their colleagues in Mass. during their recent investigation into the disappearance of Jennifer Fay over 15 years ago. That investigation has led to several recent K-9 searches.

Some of the volunteers have met with members of the family to review the case and have reviewed all of the press coverage associated with the case. The volunteers then held a team meeting in New Hampshire, on Jan. 3, 2006, to further review the case and determine future action.

The team consists of several Investigators from New Hampshire, one from Vermont, two from Massachusetts and one from Maine. Some are retired from law enforcement, some are career private investigators and one is a retired Fire Chief from New Hampshire. All have offered their services pro bono.

The team has gathered all of the media coverage for study as well as topographical maps of the area and are in communication, regularly with the family. They also hope to serve as an interface between the family and law enforcement.

"There are many things that law enforcement does that they can not reveal, even to the family", said NHLI President John Healy, "We will try to help the family understand these things and the whole process, while letting them know this is still being actively investigated by the volunteers as well as law enforcement."

Members of the team will visit the area in early February to begin the familiarization process.

To learn more about the case visit: and to learn more about the Association visit: WWW.NHLI.Net.

It is well known that Maura Murray’s family has stated on several occasions that police have not done enough to find the missing woman. Murray was 21 when she disappeared on the evening of February 9, 2004.