The Caledonian-Record

December 10, 2004

Letters To Editor - Please help look for Maura Murray

By Patti Davidson

To the Editor:

'Tis the season to be jolly as family and friends gather to celebrate the holidays. This year has been filled with heartache and sadness for us because we are missing a family member.

While decorating the Christmas tree with my young children I try to pretend everything is OK. Then my 9-year-old son turns to me and says, "Mom, do you think you'll find Maura before Christmas?" I can no longer hold back my tears. My son is now crying and says, "Mom, I feel sad for Maura and her Dad." Comforting him, I tell him we are trying our hardest to find Maura.

His letter to Santa reads, "Dear Santa, please help find Maura for her father."

I am making a plea from my heart asking the people to help us look and find Maura Murray so we can bring her home.

Patti Davidson

Weymouth, Mass.