February 9, 2009

NH Residents Move On From Murray Case

By Brandon Hudson

It's been five years since Maura Murray's disappearance and people still don't know what happened.

In 2004, investigators say Murray was driving east on Route 112 when she crashed into a tree in Haverill, New Hampshire. When police when to check out the wreck, she was gone.

Now the site, where she was last seen, is marked with a dark blue ribbon and her picture to keep her memory strong.

People living in the area say the case isn't talked about much anymore, but they have a solution as to what they think happened.

"There's so many stories about it," Lyme resident Mike Whitcomb said. "My personal opinion is her and her father didn't get along and she wanted to be out of town."

Whitcomb said folks are trying to put the case behind them.

"I think people are looking to move on right now," Whitcomb said.

Authorities say the case is still open. They aren't saying what happened but hope someone new will provide information.