New Hampshire Union Leader

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

State police make appeal for information

By Nancy West

State Police Lt. John Scarinza, commander at Troop F, said there have been extensive ground and air searches and thousands of hours dedicated to finding Maura Murray since her car crashed Feb. 9, 2004, on Route 112 in Haverhill.

"And yet we have not been able to determine what happened. What else can be done?

"Again, with deer season approaching, if anyone sees anything out of place -- a piece of clothing, anything they feel is important -- please let us know," Scarinza said.

Contact state police at 846-3333 with any information, he said.

Scarinza wants people to search their memories yet again for clues they may have missed, anything at all unusual on or near Route 112 that night.

"The other component we have encouraged over and over again is, if anybody thinks they saw Maura Murray or anybody on Route 112 -- or, more importantly, gave somebody a ride -- it would be extraordinarily helpful to us," he said. "Also, if anyone remembers picking up a hitchhiker. Maura doesn't have to be on 112."

Scarinza believes Maura had a destination in mind when she left the University of Massachusetts-Amherst about 4:30 p.m. the day she disappeared. She knew Route 112 because her family had often camped and hiked along there since she was a child.

"Clearly, she had a destination point, and we have not been able to determine what that is. It's fair to say if anyone has anything on that, we'd like to know," Scarinza said.