Journal Opinion

September 9, 2015

Letters to the Editor Gibson Omission Was a Mistake

To the Editor:

Thank you for printing the series on Orville Gibson. Regarding the lack of reference in the town histories: just because something isn't printed doesn't mean it didn't happen. I personally would like to apologize to Doris McClintock that there was no mention of the Gibson case in the 250th book-Two Towns: One Community Haverhill, New Hampshire & Newbury, Vermont. While I was part of the book committee I am speaking only for myself.

I arrived back in Wells River in March 2012, after having been away for 4.25 years. I immediately joined the Anniversary Committee, but by then the committees had been meeting for a year and it took me a while to settle into the joint Newbury-Haverhill Committee.

We were discussing the book I said I thought would include the two unsolved deaths, Orville Gibson (Newbury) and Tom Conrad (Haverhill) and the unsolved disappearance of Massachusetts resident Maura Murray after an accident in Haverhill. I was met with overwhelming opposition saying it did not belong in the book. I was still feeling my way around the committee. I apologize not only to Doris McClintock but also to the families of Mr. Gibson, Mr. Conrad, and Ms. Murray. I believe that all three should have been included.

History s not always pleasant and we as a committee reporting on town historical events in a book that undoubutedly will be used as a reference in the years to come, should not have been involved by rewriting history by omission. I am so sorry I did not fight longer and harder to have the three events included in the book. I am also glad Ms. McClintock bought it during the 2013 Town House event in Newbury.

I made a mistake for not fighting harder, the committee made a mistake by not including the three events.