North Country News

November 2, 2006

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By Bryan Flagg

Fred asks, “if the investigation leads law enforcement officials to believe that there was foul play involved, what chain of evidence could they prove on Maura’s car at this point?

It has been sitting outside, not in any locked holding area for quite a long time now!”

“There were things that were done, and things which were not done that you just have to shake your head at and wonder,” states Fred.

Fred did say that he was very pleased with the way the search effort was going, stating that the areas chosen for this search were being searched methodically and thoroughly.

Cadaver dogs and their handlers avidly worked over the two day search. It was a different type of search this time- meaning nobody other than the handlers, their K9s and investigators from the NH League were permitted to follow or search along with them. It was a well planned, well thought out and very direct search. They knew what areas they wanted to look at, had maps and coordinates of those areas -and that’s where they searched.

Although it was stated that the dogs did have several “hits,” it has been stated by Don Nason, an investigator from the NH League of Investigators, that they were not substantial enough to warrant passing on the information to the NH State Police at this time.

Sunday was a different story, we spent much of the day with Fred and several other people at an undisclosed search site in a location well away from Mountain Lakes.

There are several other promising sites scattered around a radius of the Haverhill and Woodsville area. There have been a number of psychics who have been actively involved with the Murray case from the beginning and who have been feeding information to family members and friends along the way.

“Some of the information makes sense and then there’s lots you have to sift through,” states Fred as we walk through an area of woods looking for a sign of anything out of the ordinary.

It is easy to see that searching for his daughter has become an obsession for Fred, who states he owes it to his daughter to keep searching and to find the answers to the many questions which remain after almost three years. “As soon as my feet leave the bed and land on the floor in the morning, it is on my mind,” states Fred. “It just never ends, and I will keep searching until I find out what happened to my daughter.”

After spending several hours in the woods, we head back to where we had started. Nothing new, nothing gained but an area for a future search which gives Fred hope and the incentive to continue forward.

As Fred hops in my truck and I drive him back to pick up his vehicle I can’t help but wonder how he and those closest to Maura have had the strength to carry on for almost three years with no answers at all. A daughter, a sister, a friend who is in your life one moment, and gone without a trace in the next. The things most of us just read about or see on television.

It simply doesn’t seem fair I think to myself as I glance over at Fred, no one should have to go through anything like this. Living each day with this on your mind constantly, searching for that one tip, that one anonymous letter, that one big hit from a cadaver dog, a witness to come forward or anything that might bring just a little more hope in finding Maura.

The Murray Family would like to thank the many people who were involved in the recent search efforts. From the investigators to the K9 Teams and from the people who supplied food to the people who supplied places to stay. “There are no words to thank those who have helped in so many ways, it’s overwhelming,” states Helena Murray. We have had so much support from so many different people.”

They would also like to thank their many supporters in the Haverhill and Woodsville area and especially those who allowed them to search their properties and the surrounding area once again.

If anyone has any information regarding the Maura Murray Case, please contact the NH State Police Major Crimes Unit at 603-271-2663 or 1-800-852-3411.

Publisher’s note: The Northcountry News has committed to the Murray Family in helping in any way possible. Whether it be printing the latest news on the Maura case, or to be there during future search efforts. My wife and I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Murray Family for spending a great deal of time with us, for making us feel at home and for allowing us into their lives and thoughts-even if just for a brief moment.

Letter To The Editor Written By Helena Murray As It Appears In The November 3rd Issue Of The Northcountry News I wanted to offer my personal thanks to the residents and business in the area who offered your help, your homes, information and goods and services to aid in the search held for Maura Murray on October 21st and 22nd. The outpouring of help and support was remarkable and overwhelming.

As many of you know by now, we did not find Maura. It is very difficult to reconcile the emotions in that statement. It is both good news and bad news. I can only tell you that we will continue to search for Maura until we find her. Knowing that we now have so many more helping us look gives more hope that she will be found.

We are all so busy with our own jobs, families and lives that the spirit of compassion on such a grand scale is rarely seen today in our society…the compassion and support shown to our family was heartwarming. Not only did we feel welcome, we felt as though we were a part of your community…neighbor, helping neighbor. I have personally spoken to and thanked many of you, and wish I could thank each of you individually, but I realize that I don’t even know everybody who offered or gave help.

I would be remiss if I did not also thank those from the Molly Bish Foundation, the New Hampshire League of Investigators, the Licensed Private Detectives of Massachusetts, Sabre Security, Kenney Communications and so many others who helped to make this search possible. A special thank to those at Mountain Lakes who not only allowed us to use the Lodge, but put up with our comings and goings all weekend.

With respect and thanks,

Helena Murray