North Country News

February 9, 2007


Another Year Has Gone By

February 9, 2004 was the date that Maura Murray went missing in the area of Route 112 in Haverhill, NH.

It has now been 3 long years since her disappearance, with still so many unanswered questions surrounding the bizarre case.

Maura, who was 21 when she disappeared, would be 25 years old this coming May 4th.

opportunity to be married, have children? Would her children have had her eye color or hair color? Questions unfortunately we or her family for granted in our daily lives.

may never know and it’s certainly sad and upsetting that someone may have possibly taken all those opportunities away that most of us take for granted in our daily lives.

Although it is stated that the entire incident is still under investigation by authorities, nothing new has developed concerning the case. There have been searches, private detectives, psychics and many volunteers who have continued looking into the case - but still no answers as of yet.

Both F&E hope that on this 3rd Anniversary of Maura’s disappearance, something will soon come about that will lead investigators, volunteers, friends and family - a bit closer to being able to close the chapters in this book and give closure to this on-going story.

It has been stated by family, friends and volunteers that more searches are expected to take place this coming season.

As always, Frank & Earnest will be back next issue - maybe!


Frank & Earnest