North Country News

February 5, 2010

Nobody Asked, Just My Opinion_____

It was on February 9th 2004 that Maura Murray seemingly disappeared into thin air on Route 112 in Haverhill, NH.

Maura, who was 21 when she disappeared, would be 28 years old this coming May 4th.

It has been six very long years now since Maura went missing and still no answers to so many questions.

Thorough searches, questioning, psychics and rehashing all of the above over and over and over - still nothing!

Regardless of what the horror films and cartoons might show you, people really do not just disappear into thin air like some sort of vaporized person in a Scooby Doo scenario.

The area where she went off the road was thoroughly searched many times over. She was not found. She was not found to be in that area by some of the best men, women and tracking dogs out there - which simply tells me, she was not there.

I try to be objective, remain neutral and believe that some of the best professionals have been on this case, but for me personally - I think the ball has been dropped on too many occasions on this case.

Six years is a very long time. If you were a parent and simply had your child disappear into thin air, each day would seem like an eternity. Imagine what six years feels like to Maura’s family and friends with absolutely no closure what-so-ever! None, zip! Everything is still up in the air for them. Both my wife and I have searched on several occasions in the past, we have met with family members, we have spent time with Maura’s family, I have driven around with her father, Fred! This is not a dysfunctional family. This is the average everyday, close, typical American family. They didn’t ask to be put in the spotlight, they simply found themselves there. They certainly didn’t want to be there under these circumstances.

Six years is long enough! If you have any information, please contact: New Hampshire Cold Case Unit: Tips: or call 603-271-2663 or 603-271-1255.

Let’s give closure to Maura’s family and friends - finally.

The Investigation Discovery (ID) channel will be airing Maura’s case, which is scheduled to run at 10pm on February 8th. Please tune in. The show is called Disappeared. Someone out there knows something. Even as minor as it may seem, it could be the piece which could finally put this long-lived puzzle to rest. No matter how insignificant you feel something might be, you might be holding the one little clue needed to bring closure to this most unfortunate case. Nobody Really Asked, Just My Opinion!