The Caledonian-Record

June 10, 2004

Letters To Editor - Help bring Bri home

By Laurie Gilman

To the Editor:

I was so glad to see the article about Brianna's case in your paper. I do not live in Vermont but will be a resident of Victory in a few years. I read your paper online every day which is how I became aware of the disappearances of Brianna Maitland and Maura Murray.

I have been following her case on her family's Web site,, and I have downloaded both Brianna and Maura's missing posters and will be leaving them at rest stops and with truck drivers as I travel from Maryland to Vermont the first of June.

It is hard to help from so far away but I have written letters and e-mails, etc., to do what I can.

If there are others in Vermont or nearby that want to help, I suggest they go to the Web site for downloads of the missing girls' posters, the petitions and information on the upcoming garage sale. Brianna's family and the local people that are helping can use anything anyone can offer in the way of assistance.

Please check it out and do what you can to help them bring Bri home.

Laurie Gilman

Sunderland, Md.