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Thank you to /u/The_Desiderata_ for providing this.

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Thanks so much!!!! Finally we have the whole interview -- and there were some key parts missing from the versions we had before! Awesome!

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Attwood Residence

I walked up to the house -- Mr. Attwood answered the door and I asked if I could speak with him regarding the Maura Murray case. Mr. Attwood responded, "She got in a car and disappeared end of story."11

I plead with him to please help us learn more about the evening, we don't have any clues and are looking for anything to lead us to Maura. Mr. Attwood again responded, "She got in a car and disappeared end of story -- that is it."12

Mrs. Attwood [Lady younger than the elder woman (mother) who is hard of hearing] said "Yes, please John help her." And invited Me into the front porch area of the home.

Attwood arrived at 7:35 p.m.Maura was in the car, sitting there with no lights on.

I asked was there anyone else in the car?

Attwood responded, no one else was in the car.

[There was a little confusion with the next set of questions, when he first commented he said that Maura was in the car and could not get out, because the car was facing the barn and door was blocked. But then said she got out of the car and stood outside the car.]

Attwood asked Maura "Are you okay?"

Maura: "Yes fine"

Attwood to me, "I looked over the scene and saw no blood."

At this point I asked for confirmation regarding the location of Maura. He described Maura as looking over the car.

Attwood described Maura, "She didn't look like the pictures, her hair was down, it must have come undone during the accident."

Attwood to Maura: "I am going to call the police."

Maura. "I have called AAA"

Attwood to me: I am thinking you can't call from here.

Attwood to Maura: "I am going to call the police."

Maura responded no.

Attwood to Maura: "No I am going to call the police."

Attwood then left Maura and returned home, entering the house to call.

Attwood noted during this time 3-4 cars went by.

I then asked him if he saw Maura walk towards his house since he was on the front porch.

He said no, that Maura was picked up13 and that during this time they could not see the crash site. He then noted that he did not think that the dog had a scent. He just walked, around looking up -- "that wasn't a dog that smelled anything but squirrels."

How much time elapsed while you were inside calling? Attwood: 7-9 min.

Attwood then described how he had to make 5 or so calls because the dispatcher could not connect him.

Attwood then said he went out looked up the road saw the police and then presuming all was taken care of, got back into his bus to do his mileage.

Mrs. Attwood then said that she heard the dispatcher call noting they were looking for a girl (they have a scanner on the front porch). Mr. Attwood then said, "It is just beam me up Scotty time."

Then Mrs. Attwood said it came across the scanner that the windshield had broke.

Mr. Attwood then said that while he was in the bus he heard a knock on the bus door and found out that Maura wasn't at the scene. Mr. Attwood then said he got in his car at 8:10 with his spotlight and searched the area without finding her.

I then started to say goodbye and thank them when he asked "What about that call?"

I responded, "What call?"

Attwood said, the call that was made after the incident -- the last call the boyfriend received.14

I told him the last call Bill received was before the accident.

Attwood then said, "I just should have insisted that she get in the bus -- I tried to get her into the bus."

Mrs. Attwood then said that she was "probably more scared of you."

Attwood then told me that he was very good friends with Officer Smith and to tell him that Butch sent me and that the police will let the family see all the records.

End of conversation.

Tim Westman -- white house across the street no one home.

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If anyone ever talks to Barbara again, one key question would be when did she hear over the scanner that they were looking for a girl? Was that before Butch finally got through to 911 and gave his report, and before 911 called back to talk to Barbara? Or was it after one or both of those calls were completed?

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This is great! Although, it seems like his timeline is all over the place...

What is the date of this interview?

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February 16, 2004

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Are there other interviews done by Christine of neighbors? And if so, why can't we see them? What was the date and time of this interview?

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February 16, 2004

The interview of the Marrottes was the same day at 10; I don’t have a time on this.

I have no idea why we don’t have these interviews. I think John received them through the NHLI. We’d certainly love to post more if someone would send.

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perhaps john will share more info at the next meeting he is planning. really, at this late date why not share.

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I had actually thought about asking him this at that meeting. I'll even buy him a beer.

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Does john have any date for this meeting? Beside the reports, meeting with Frank Kelly, John Healy and anyone else who has some real info in this case would be nice. At this late date how could it hurt anything. If someone doesn't give up something new, the case will never be solved. I really think making more public is a good idea.

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I don't know the date, and I do not communicate with John (I used to, many years ago, but it has been years since we have communicated). Healy is pretty sickly and lives in Florida, but I would love to meet Frank Kelly face-to-face, even more so than John Smith (no contest).

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Absolutely Frank Kelly!

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I agree. About Mr. Kelly. I met John once and he was very hard to take. But I would shut up just to find out some new info on Maura.

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and I don't mean podcasters or Scott.

and I'll buy him a beer too.