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Do you think that it was someone who didn't know the poor condition of the car, who was trying to ditch it?

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First I'd have to have some evidence for why anyone would want to ditch the car to feel I was discussing the issue responsibly.

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That ship sailed for you Leone.

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Agreed. But someone else would've maybe thought it was "usable" enough to drive far away to hide evidence of any crime. Or coerced her to go.....albeit with bad intentions the entire time.....to ditch her and the car.

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But someone else

Right the crux of the opinion revolves around what Maura believed about the car.

Just a note: the driver side to driver side corner collision theory weighs against the idea someone else drove her and the idea that the driver fled a DUI. I have no "favorite" but obviously some rethinking on my part is required.


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The car was still functioning at the WBC. It could have been driven away from the scene. The car started right up on 2/13/04 when Fred Murray 1st saw the Saturn.