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In my opinion the only scenario that makes any sense is that Maura was picked up between the time Butch went into the house to call police and the time Cecil Smith showed up on scene. According to Butch that time-frame was about 7-9 minutes.

What this tells me is one of two things:

1) The person was near the site of the crash and happened to drive by 2) The person was waiting for Butch to leave the scene and go into his house before coming on scene (perhaps parked on Old Peters Rd) (opinion)

Now if you take the second opinion here, it would actually match the events to a tee. Butch said that it was 7-9 minutes between when he left Maura and the police arrived on scene. If it takes Butch a couple minutes to get into his bus, drive away, park his bus, exit his bus, go into the house and call police then the timeline is more like 5-7 minutes making that window even smaller....

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Maura in the trunk of her own car, whether voluntarily or subdued, while all this hubbub was going on, is as ludicrous as being whisked away by giant insects.

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This is the timeline that seems to fit Witness A had she drove by the scene at this time. Something happened in those 7-9 minutes Butch was in his house as he even said he could not see her car from there. If Witness A drove by right at this time, and saw a SUV there, anything could have happened in 7-9 minutes. This is why Butch saw maybe a few cars, one of them being Witness A, but could not see what was going on at the Saturn. The other witnesses may have been distracted at this short time for minor reasons, and they may never recall. When a police vehicle has its blue lights on, they are brightest aimed forward. If it was "nose to nose" with the Saturn, then the other witnesses may not have noticed the lights because they are not very bright from the rear of the vehicle.