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Someone could have easily hid their vehicle on Old Peter's Rd. There are too many possible outcomes but they are all opinions. (opinion).

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However, this also is going by a statement by 1 witness, no different than Witness A. Butch says he went over to the car, talked with her, and went back to his house to call, ONLY according to his own statement. We do know he called 911 from his residence, but we don't know if he really did those other things, except from what he said. There could have been a vehicle on Old Peters Rd, but wouldn't someone have seen that leave there around that time?

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OK, so if we look at the "Law of Noisy Abductions" discussion here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MauraMurrayEvidence/comments/4xxmgp/the_law_of_noisy_abductions_opinion/

The conclusion was that Maura, if she was the Saturn's driver (or passenger) would have screamed unless she was surprised by her abductor.

So if she was just in an accident with a bad guy, the bad guy would have to surprise Maura, if she was the Saturn's driver (or passenger) on two occasions: When hiding in wait and then when abducting her.

Maura, if she was the Saturn's driver (or passenger), might have assumed that, the car that just collided with her was not coming back when it went where ever it went [Old Peters?], certainly she would notice the car coming back.

It is different from Witness A because the Westman's have corroborated Butch Atwood's account when they said that they noticed a flurry of activity around the Saturn after Butch Atwood left. https://www.reddit.com/r/MauraMurrayEvidence/comments/4yq4rq/newspaper_articles/d7ki910/ See 10th paragraph from the bottom.