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"The petition is not going to change anything. You know what will? Fred Murray, Kate Markopoulos, and Sara Alfieri answering some basic questions about the weekend leading up to Maura's disappearance."

I find this quote to be irresponsible and likely misguided.

First, the public is not privy to all the information police hold. We have no idea if they were already interviewed, and if they were, what was said.

Secondly, they may only know what they have said.

These kind of statements, made by public "websleuthers" are where things go very wrong.

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All correct, unfortunate for people looking for answers. I believe this has been the FBI's current activity all along. It's not a lack of caring, it's the law. Maybe the family needs to hire fresh PI's to try and turn over new leads.

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I always thought The Petition a long shot for many reasons. I'm not convinced the "traveler requirement" has not been satisfied.

Here's why: Violence. The law is not specific. It doesn't say, "bodily violence". We have automobile violence, which is commonly called an "accident". Plus, per Frank Kelly's findings, there's ample evidence there was deception involved, as in the lack of auto debris nor skid marks on Rt112. That alone implies deception, that whomever ditched the car there was some distance from the actual event. Also, there's no body. Yes, people disappear voluntarily. That's not a crime.

But the circumstances surrounding this disappearance, according to a respected team of investigators, is suspicious enough that, depending how one interprets the law (which often is open to interpretation – I don't care how specific the verse), this case could satisfy the "traveler requirement". Seems to me that's why there are judges, to determine which way a situation swings. Perhaps a judge is needed here.

But, whatever. To force The FBi to wrest the case from NH is secondary to my mind. That it reasserts its involvement here is the real goal. No Act of Congress is needed and besides, noone wants to wait multiple lifetimes to get that useless body to act. That The Petition serves to garner attention to Maura Murray's (and others') disappearance is a good thing, however short the modern attention span.

In the end, The Petition has mattered. Not patting anyone on the back here, it's not done enough. I'm unconvinced the internet is a great tool to help crack these types of cases. Sitting around posting stuff won't really help but there's tools available that can get those motivated enough to act, maybe even get more boots on the ground. But enough people use the computer for such endeavors that a possible breakthrough can occur. That's why The Petition matters.

Related, but not at all the same sort of case, is in the following link. If what is alleged therein exists any shred of truth, it shows how much the law is truly respected. So all this highbrow "Act of Congress" jazz can be tossed in the can, because what I read strongly implicates one of our midwestern states of systematic obstruction of justice and state-sanctioned murder.

Read it, all the way through. You may change your mind about one or two things by the conclusion.


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I just say - try anyway.

If goal was for the FBI to take over the case, current federal law literally doesn't allow for that.

So, if the Murray family wants the FBI to take over (I believe he has said that is what he wants) Congress has to change the law to allow for the FBI to take over the case. Congress won't act, unless it is aware, that the people want a change.

No Act of Congress is needed

So all this highbrow "Act of Congress" jazz can be tossed in the can, because what I read strongly implicates one of our midwestern states of systematic obstruction of justice and state-sanctioned murder.

So lets assume you are right - "strongly implicates one of our midwestern states of systematic obstruction of justice and state-sanctioned murder."

I'll go further, and say that the idea of the FBI taking over may have support from numerous groups in and across this country. Your germane example is just one of them.

Which means you'd get more signatures. You'd get all the signatures you had before, plus all the people from all these other places.

That's why The Petition matters.

The desire to have the FBI involved does matter.

But a request for them to do something they are not allowed to do doesn't matter.

So why not try to change the circumstance so that the FBI are allowed to take over the case? That way the petition will matter.

Because if they are not allowed by federal law to take over the case... they won't take ever the case. The FBI is not going to break federal law. Even if there is a petition for a worthy cause. They are law enforcement - for all the laws..

Your example above might be a reason to have a law to allow the FBI to take over. But that law does not exist yet.

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All good points ... although, it's clear such "good intentions" open the door to further mischief, to a level not yet seen. THAT I'll never support. So our only hope is that somehow that "traveler" clause is satisfied. To get that, LE will need more information. I think at this point we have all we'll ever get.

So ... yes, I think Smith's heart is in the right place, which is why I supported his idea (I'm just the cheerleader) but the lack of official response is unsurprising, partly for the laws you cite, partly because of the (known) lack of evidence.

As Kelly said way back 10 years ago, we can't know what cards LE has. Anybody who wants to know the faces of those cards had best resort to knitting as a hobby.

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All good points ... although, it's clear such "good intentions" open the door to further mischief, to a level not yet seen. THAT I'll never support. So our only hope is that somehow that "traveler" clause is satisfied.

Alright - I respect your opinion...

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"traveler requirement"

Yes - traveler is satisfied. Problem is that they need evidence of violence and not just belief. When the leads for violence run out, they can't do anything else.

Maybe they could, but its impractical to pursue hypothetical possibilities. Because there are too many of them.

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I think Dick Guy or anyone involved in the cleanup scene can help here ... one of those guys can verify or disprove Kelly's observation there was "no visible debris from The Saturn" at that Rt112 location that night. I suppose the best chance to find anything of substance occurred the following morning.

I wish we had modern statements from Kelly and Healy but they're probably done at this point. The fires have long since been doused.

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Just another comment here.

Literally solving the case depends upon having gathered evidence that will allow for the case to be solved.

If the evidence just isn't there, even sending out the storm troopers to pound on doors won't cause a solution to be found.

But it could be possible that all the people that have looked at all the information have missed an important implication, thus preventing them from solving it.

Also possible, but difficult for me to believe, is the idea that the various LE departments that have looked at the case, have all refused to accept a case solving implication. But what I believe doesn't matter. Evidence matters.

For argument’s sake, lets suppose that Maura ran up Old Peter's road that night, [amonst a billion possibilities] and that the dirt road there had been traveled on and footprints were not distinguishable, many cars had driven down the road before she went up. No snow powder, at least not nearby.

Lets say she thought that would take her to Bartlett.

Scenario 1: What if she got pretty far up Old Peters road, its pitch black. I don't know the road at all, but for some Youtube videos. In some places, it looks like, without the benefit of the light, it looks like someone could make a serious misstep and die going off the side of the road. Now if that happened, the only thing that would solve the case is a serious search over these cliffs. Boots on the ground in a police office won't be enough.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WCyxLvfhQl4&feature=youtu.be&t=12m15s If its pitch black at night, or even moonlighted, which way do you go?

Scenario 2: What if she got pretty far up the road and was trespassing and didn't know it. Someone goes out with their gun, the rest is history. What are the chances that person would ever speak, even if the FBI knocked on their door?

Anyway, there are too many scenarios that are plausible. On Bradley Hill road, numerous other places.

So unfortunately, I'm not really optimistic, I admit. But because there is a chance they might realize that there is a solution, or discover willful ignorance, it wouldn't be a bad thing for the FBI to check. On the other hand one must be realistic.

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Per Alex C and Boot's observations, the moon wasn't up yet. I believe Old Peter's was a deadend that capped a property owned by a person who disallowed searches there. THAT is pretty suspicious! Since then I think that property's been developed. Correct me if I'm wrong.

But yeah ... I've always thought a gunning possible but noone reported such that night and it's not in the dispatches. That doesn't mean it never happened.

I forget which road ... Old Peters? RO walks her dog up there and gets spooked by a noise, a movement, something, and barks.

I still think The Red Truck figures. It was parked up there on Bradley for a spell.

Cliffs there? News to moi. Boots lives up there, he's posted his drives online. I'll ask him. I'd think that area was well scrutinized in those initial searches.