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These emails make me sad, she obviously had so many future plans, and I really feel like she didn’t drive away willing to escape. For a few days sure, yet she seemed exicited for the future and I’m sure she would of come home, if whatever happened didn’t happen.

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Same here. You really get the sense of the human being behind this whole online-mystery-phenomenon thing. A real person with a real family and real friends, not just a character in a narrative for people's entertainment or interest.

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Perhaps I've missed this, but was Julie et al. able to avail the family of computer forensics to access Maura's computer to see whether she made use of any chat or instant messenger programs and whether any of those conversations were saved?

I'm not sure whether Maura was a Hotmail/msn user, but if I recall my own usage around that time, MSN Messenger was quite big and ICQ was also still being used, albeit a bit less than years passed and of course, MySpace was in its infancy having been launched in summer of 2003. All of my conversations were saved as well.

Maybe nothing and maybe I missed Julie's or Fred's comments RE same

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OK here it is. So Julie says they used to communicate by Yahoo Messenger and wonders if those would hold any clues and notes they would like to look at the computer. This was 7 months ago - not sure if Scott addresses it in the AMA ..


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That's what I figured. I was just curious whether she was eventually able to access them and whether anything noteworthy came up. I haven't been able to listen to Scott's AMA in full so maybe I'll do that tonight

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Good question. She had Yahoo Messenger. I know Julie mentioned it in the lengthy newspaper article that came out about 7 months ago but I can’t remember exactly what was said except that (I think) the family hasn’t seen them.

I’ll post the link in a sec.