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Items that can be requested from New Hampshire Authorities:

  1. NHSP call logs (From 12 PM February 9th 2004 through 12PM February 10th, 2004)

  2. Grafton County logs with Vermont calls included (From 12 PM February 9th 2004 through 12PM February 10th, 2004)

  3. Transcript of Barbara Atwood's conversation with Grafton County dispatch.

Documents that are known to be in possession of unknown or various members of the community:

  1. The Saturn's black box report

  2. The complete New Hampshire League of Investigators report

  3. Complete collection of interviews conducted that are part of a set of documents (This might be a part of the New Hampshire League of Investigators report)

Documents that may be found at the Internet Archive, Local Libraries, or among documents held by various members of the community.

  1. Miscellaneous newspaper articles that have been listed - but not a part of the collection housed at this subreddit. A list of missing early articles is here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MauraMurrayEvidence/comments/4yq4rq/newspaper_articles/?ref=share&ref_source=link I'm fairly certain that articles written after 2017 are probably not complete.

  2. Old posts from family forum

  3. Locations searched and not searched by people who did searches.

Documents available from the oxygen documentary:

  1. Transcripts of interviews conducted by the Oxygen Show:

A. Chief Williams

B. Dick Guy

C. Jeff Strelzin

D. Maura's fellow student Erin

E. Karen McNamara

F. Terrance O'Connell

G. Lt. Todd Bogardus

H. Maura's High School Friends

I. Kurtis Murray

J. John Smith

K. Podcast Guys

L. Julie Murray

M. Fred Murray

N. Kathleen Murray

Note: The above list of interviews may not be complete. I may review the oxygen show to determine what interviews, if any, are missing.

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Brilliant thank you! As part of Oxygen I’m specifically interested in Bogardus but as you said ... all of them.

Edit: I think trolled and dupefied will be editing the post as things are mentioned - thank you 🙌🏼

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The Haverhill accident incident report.

Smith references this in his Oxygen interview. It reportedly mentions the rag in the tailpipe. According to Clint, it mentions when Smith collected the soda bottle. I assume someone tried to obtain this?

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Fulk, Do we know whatever happened to the rag? I’m assuming LE didn’t keep it initially, it’s not on the list, so where is it?!?

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I have been looking for two pieces of information that I swear I've heard or read, but forget where. The first is the soda bottle. I have a memory of reading an account that it was scooped up and tossed in the car while the car was being towed. The second is the rag. I swear I read somewhere or heard somewhere that there is no rag in evidence. Again, I can't remember where.

At this point, after following the case for so long, there are times when I simply forget where I have seen something. I have been looking for both of these quotes, and I haven't had any luck yet.

Just to be clear, either one of my recollections could be partially or completely inaccurate. I need to find the source, at which point I will edit this comment.

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I will look, too! I know what you mean about reading something and then not being able to find it again.
I have read that there was so much debris along 112 where Maura’s car was found, incredible amount of beer bottles, cans, etc. The implication I’m making is where’s the proof that anything found outside of the car belonged to Maura?

I’ve been trying to find Weeper’s comment about LE finding evidence and then getting an official warrant to go back and re-find it, but like you am having no luck.

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I’m coming up empty handed, but not finished.

If the bottle was scooped up while being towed, was it scooped up along with the broken door mirror by Lavoie? Was that mirror not considered significant? And if Cecil found the bottle after it was towed, or during the tow, didn’t he consider it evidence? Would he toss evidence in the car? That seems rather cavalier...

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As I said, I cannot recall the source of Smith tossing the bottle in the car, and it is possible I am mistaken. But I have the distinct impression that I saw this somewhere. I just don't know where. There have been times where I will remember something, go look for the source, and I will be wrong about details of it. But I always find some basis for the memory. If it was not the bottle, could it have been the rag? Of course, if something was tossed in the car, that implies the car was open...I will have to keep looking. I shouldn't state something until I have verified the source (and I usually do not -- this is an exception).

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good catch but I have never seen it and I checked with others who said the same.

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OK I wanted to mention that I’m going to try to compile a post about searches that have been done ... similar to what I posted in JWB’s post about helicopters but I’ll try to have more dates, details, related articles, whatever I can:

1) NHSP searches 2) NHLI searches 3) Boots on the Ground 4) other searches - whatever people want to share (I’ll check permission before posting anything previously shared with me)