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Mr. Marrotte went to the kitchen window peel an orange and saw a car with the flashers going.

The car backed up parallel to the road.

Within 4 to 5 min. a bus came down route 112 from Woodsville

Stopped for 4 to 5 min.

Bus continued down the road and backed into driveway located directly across the street from the Marrotte residence. He stayed in bus for quite awhile and thought that was odd.

He presumed that he was making the 911 call from the bus.

Could not see Maura at the car thereafter.

Police arrived, looked around the car with a flashlight, walked up to the red barn, walked up the private road, came back down passed the car, approached Mr. Attwood still in bus.

15 minutes had elapsed front the time the police arrived to the time they reached the bus.

When asked if there were any persons they would possibly be concerned about, John Marrotte replied no not really, however then he looked out the window down at the Atwood [in my notes I have it as Dewalt, because I thought his name was Dewalt] residence and (without any prompting from myself) said he and his wife had never really gotten along with those guys (plural) across the street.

I asked guys? Plural?

John said, the family across the street, he is an "odd cat"

John then said there were a few people he would be concerned about in the area, but no one specifically.

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Does this suggest Atwood had another male living at the house with him and his wife? Likely colloquial “guys” but still suggesting that Atwood and his wife were odd?

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I have seen this wording questioned in the Delphi murders, too. Not odd to me. May be regional (new Englander, here), but especially if talking about people your age, people younger, or just multiple people, very typical to say those guys, hey guys, etc., IMO. But seems a lot of people don’t think so.

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No, I was clarifying that Marottes comment was that Atwood and his wife were odd?

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Anybody have a date on this interview, and also anything on whether Marrotte did any other interviews?

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In the interview posted above, he states that he went to the kitchen sink to get a glass of water.

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Also, Atwood said previously that he walked to the car and NO lights were on and it was inoperable. This guy says the cars had it's flashers on and actually backed up and moved into a parallel position. Something doesn't add up here.