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Is this thing on? Check.

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it's on

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Awesome. I'm sharing my post in Mindblock. Thanks, man!

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Thank you! Such a beautiful girl, and those images of Maura when she was small, well, it’s heartbreaking...

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I know I have asked you this before, but would you be willing to help me compile what exists of the forum so that I may make it public?

I have no ulterior motives here. Scott Wahl said that he would be wiling to make the forum public, but doesn't know how to access it. There is so much valuable information there, and it would be an absolute shame if it isn't saved. Multiple people have it now, but let's fast forward to 20 years in the future -- if is hasn't been preserved it will be gone.

Once I post the saved pages, you will have the opportunity to confirm that I have posted the exact pages that you gave me, without modifications and without omitting any of its content.

If you have any other concerns, I will address those. Could you please help me with this? And ultimately, it's not about me, it's about saving a valuable piece of history -- when the inevitable books and movies are made about Maura, fifty years from now, and after we're all long gone, the forum should be available as a historic resource.

Thanks. It would be amazing if you could help us with this, but if you honestly can't, I won't press you on it.