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Old Peter's Rd was checked that night and days later by LE and professionals. Zip nothing.....No car tracks or human footprints heading up it. I dont believe that road was even plowed that far in winter in 2004 either......

Scenario 2: What if she got pretty far up the road and was trespassing and didn't know it. Someone goes out with their gun, the rest is history.

A loud gunshot? No one hears? No signs of blood and dragging a body in snow anywhere?

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So those houses down further on old peters rd. Do you think they were just summer homes if the street wasn’t plowed during winter months? I was never interested in old peters rd till I seen those houses far down there

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Not sure how many occupied houses were on that road in winter 04, but there were 210 acres for sale there at one point.....It may have been a road that had to be privately plowed....


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Old Peter's Rd was checked

Do you know the scope of that search? Because I've never been clear on that.

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Cecil searched that road, and also with the Westmans, and the Fire crew searched up and down the roads, although OPR was not specified. Marrottes saw LE go up OPR with a flashlight. There were no signs of anyone or footprints to suggest anyone went up OPR. Again in winter, it would look like this......


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But according to the OP who wrote the Old Peter's post on r/mauramurray, he got first hand accounts from residents of OPR that OPR was plowed up to the point where there is a brook or stream. He is with boots on the ground, and I see no reason to discount his information. Wouldn't that mean that there would be no footprints if she went down opr?

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It was a dirt road, but there still would be signs of someone heading that way in snow.....No evidence by anyone ever found that night, days later, or any searches afterwards....Cecil, Westmans, Fire, and the state trooper search never reported seeing anything like this on OPR....


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I'm saying that it was reported that the road was plowed, i.e., that there was no snow.

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Prob part of the way plowed....Here in this video at 6:20 or so.....


......it shows it's plowed onto the dirt road (which would have def marks of footprints and other), but not sure how far up and this was 2011. The DEAD END sign is still there, with an arrow telling people to take the turn for follow thru traffic.

I believe that Marrottes saw LE go up that road a ways with a flashlight with no signs of anything. State Troopers/Searchers also combed the area soon after, and then again in the summer with no results.