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u/fulkstop any chance you could you try to track down the jail visiting hours (for 2/9/04)? I think they were visiting a female. We might have figured this out in one of the previous posts but I can’t recall the conclusion.

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It wouldn't hurt to try; what's there to lose? Yes, I will look into it.

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I think it's interesting that we are hearing this now, 15 years later that a witness C doesnt remember anything of that night since it happened so many years ago but can apparently tell you one fact, that the cop car wasnt an SUV.

Stop this madness right now. This is BULLS*IT, and again why this case DOESN'T get solved.

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What makes you so certain it wasn't an SUV!?

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Because I believe witness A as she saw it how many times??

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No threat management is talking about BreathingPermafrost first clarification that it was not an SUV. This would lend itself to the theory that Cecil was not in the SUV as he alleged he was on the Oxygen show.

I am not, of course, putting this up here because it lends itself to a theory - I’m just posting what is said for the sake of completeness. These witnesses first came forward in 2016 maybe 2015 but as you can see they were discouraged from submitting a police report earlier (I think that’s what it says).

Edit: it sounds like the driver called police at the time and never heard back.

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Thanks for the clarification.

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THANK YOU finn, quit your day job... do this full time. Seriously!

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Where the hell is Mac anyways ?

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He deleted his account here; a mutual friend emailed him in connection with a different matter, and he said he didn't want to get involved with the case again. We all need a break every so often; we usually return (lol).

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I hope he does