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A couple of clinchers here.....

First, the line....

On the day of her departure 2/9/04, Maura sent emails to 1) the nursing faculty professors and 2) the art gallery. Someone forgot she had 2 jobs, the other working for UMPD police campus security, and they never received an email. Who would cover Maura's shifts that week for the police?

Second is this line.....

The email to the nursing community also stated that Murray called her boyfriend, Army Lieutenant Bill Rausch, Tuesday morning. At the Friday meeting police said that Rausch only heard someone breathing on the other line. The police were unable to trace the call.

This is a second confirmation that the whimper call came to Rausch on Tuesday morn and NOT Wed morn. Relative and very important, as no one had contacted anyone yet about the Monday eve crash. THEN, it says by Friday police hadnt been able to trace the call, yet Sharon said that police told them when they arrived Wednesday that it was the Red Cross who called Billy. At this point a pure 100% lie from LE to them. They said they spoke with THE Red Cross person who called Rausch, which seems insane on how they would track down THE Red Cross phone person with an untraceable prepaid calling card......

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Yes, I listened to the new mindshock this morning which mentioned that she hadn't emailed her campus security job. That's a good catch. I suppose it's possible she didn't have a shift in the coming week but I have no idea - maybe someone has insight into that.

I also noticed the Tuesday mention. You're absolutely right on that. [I thought of including only the relevant paragraph about the email because I spotted that and thought - well, I know what we'll be talking about here instead ...]. But yes, this is the second reference in addition to CNN.

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I don’t know what to think of Mindshock... their MM stuff seems wandering and conspiracy prone but generally truth seeking... but it’s the same channel with Bigfoot (believer here - but mentioned regardless), missing 411 (again, troubling because I can’t explain it and daughters are wanting to be told monsters aren’t real and for the first time it’s ever mattered & I’m not sure of the answer.), then there’s the flat earth stuff, mind control, Illuminati, etc. that just doesn’t lend any credibility to their channel. IDK.

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and that she would contact everyone when she returned

Interesting point. I had always wondered a bit if the "death in the family" she was alluding to might have been her own, if she was suicidal. But if she then went on to say that she would contact folks when she returned, then that would seem to disprove that hypothesis.

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Happy cake day!

Yes very difficult to know what to make if that phrase. At the end of the day, there was no death in the family, and she was not “heading home” so can we give weight to her additional statement that suggests she planned to return? I could go either way.

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This excuse has bothered me, immensely. Why would Maura use this drastic measure to exclude herself from her responsibilities?

We have to look at this excuse differently. The context of it can have multiple interpretations, but one particular part that stands out is no one is going to question it. From the email she sent to Bill, the line: I got your messages, but honestly, i didn't feel like talking to much of anyone. Does this speak volume? If so, it might give us a something to think about from Maura's standpoint. However, why use this excuse if your agenda was to avoid anyone from corresponding with you? It would seem to have the opposite effect. If a friend or a colleague was told of this personal tragedy, wouldn't the draw for sympathy come into play? Maura's intention was to leave in secrecy but why not regard it as a Personal Matter rather than using a death in a family? If your intention was to leave without the inquiry or concern of others, surely you'd use this as a last resort but she went right for the most believable excuse. As I stated, who would question but how does that deter the inquiry?

I think the context of this excuse gives me the impression Maura was hiding something, that deeply bothered her to the point of going on this impromptu trip. By analyzing the choices and mindset of Maura, we can better understand and grasp the reasons behind the trip that would forever change many lives.

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good points

her call to Erin O'Neil was at 1:13PM (11 minutes before this, or less depending on the duration of the call). So we know during the call to O'Neil that she was "crying". [As a note: I think in this call she said she had a "family emergency" and was going home now I'll need to go back and check].

One of my thoughts was that, IF she said "death in the family" to the nursing faculty but "family emergency" to the art gallery, it would suggest that she knew that they had different criteria for excusing absences.

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One of my thoughts was that, IF she said "death in the family" to the nursing faculty but "family emergency" to the art gallery, it would suggest that she knew that they had different criteria for excusing absences.

According to the School of Nursing Handbook, 2004-2005 (p. 75-6) , "[a]ttendance at all scheduled clinical practice is mandatory. Absence for any reason must be explained and will be evaluated by the instructor, who will decide whether an alternative experience must be arranged." (emphasis added).

She had to give an explanation, and then it was up to the nursing faculty whether they would excuse it. In that context, "death in the family" makes perfect sense.

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Excellent. I was thinking of looking for the official policy so helpful.

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She would receive support from the nursing staff as oppose to her job in the art gallery. So, she knew what was expendable and what was a priority. Though I just don’t understand why she used “a death in the family” excuse if her intention was to leave without notice or anyone making inquiries? That’s why I proposed calling it a “personal matter.”

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"Death in the family" is usually the accepted excuse for a nursing student to miss clinicals. They are super strict on this policy. Check out the stress this student has, and this is 2018...


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I didn’t know they had strict policies for nursing students. Interesting. So, does this make you wonder if Maura actually had a legitimate reason for this trip to the White Mountains?

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I watched my wife's oldest daughter recently go thru a college RN program and it was insane. She was super smart and graduated, but the stress/work was off the charts intense and difficult. I remember her saying she couldnt get out of clinical schedules unless it was literally a death in the family. To your other point here....I am unsure on that.....

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Something had to been serious enough for Maura to call off, especially since she used the excuse a death in the family. What was bothering her?

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Honestly, I don’t think we have the answer yet. I still feel that the Oxygen explanation for her upset on Thursday is unsatisfactory. Then we have the idea that she was upset about the Hadley accident - but I would argue that the Hadley accident was more a symptom of her state of mind than the cause of her distress.

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The Hadley accident was due to her state of mind when she left the dorm room party. What was on her mind? Why did she feel obligated to return her father's car? Did she feel guilty about something, maybe not spending enough time with Fred or because she wanted to demonstrate responsibility?

Yes, the Thursday night incident was unorthodox, especially since she had two phone calls with two people, whom, were close confidants. I'm convinced more than ever, something was bothering Maura and this trip she took, was by no means, done out of spontaneity.

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My first instinct (when I started looking at the case a couple of years ago) was that Maura was trying to broach something with her father and maybe that is why she felt an importance to returning to the motel that night. It just seems that she hadn’t told him what was bothering her on Thursday and maybe was building the courage? Just my instinct.