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At first glance this would appear to indicate no record of airbag deployment, and the car was not totaled in its 2004 accident since the original owner continued to drive it until 2012. Do I have that right?

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Yes, that it is all right.

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The Corolla had 288,287 miles in November of last year -- it reminds me of the famous Craigslist ad 1999 Toyota Corolla - Fine AF - $2500 -- more at The Story Behind That Hilarious Toyota Corolla Craigslist Ad.

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lol. Great ad.

Yeah, can you imagine having 288,287 on your car? Crazy.

I found the fact that there was no airbag deployment to be of particular interest; would you agree that it appears that the first crash was not as severe as the second?

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LOL. My first car--actually a Toyota pickup--had 272k when I got it! I think 384 when I got rid of her.

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I have a Suburban with 300,000 miles my son still drives.

I don’t know what to make of the report. I had been led to believe the Corolla was totaled. The Carfax reports I’ve seen contained greater detail on the repairs made. This document makes me think either the reporting in 2004 was rudimentary or Maura’s first crash was minor.

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Oh, I know that it's been reported that the Corolla was repaired and that the damage was relatively minor, although I can't recall where I read that.

I will look.

Fred drives the Corolla in "Disappeared," which you can get to from here: https://www.reddit.com/r/MauraMurrayEvidence/comments/bzddao/multimedia/

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Interesting. I'm most concerned with knowing whether it was likely Maura suffered a concussion in the first crash. If the airbag did not deploy it's unlikely. Perhaps Julie Murray can provide further detail.

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Yes. The other thing (I will look later) is the tow truck driver from College Towing actually drove Maura from the crash site to Fred's hotel (his name might be in the "Hadley" docs in this sub; for some reason my browser is acting weird and I can't load it).

I know at one point we had reached out to him (years ago) and for some reason it fell through, but I think (assuming he's still alive, it's been a long time, lol) it would be interesting to talk with him.

He probably remembers whatever the two of the them talked about during that drive; what her mental state was at the time, whether she seemed intoxicated, etc.

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That would be great. If the driver is anything like me he'll remember about 5 percent of what happened fifteen years ago, but even that would be helpful.

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Yes, but she did go missing the next day, so something like that could stick with him.

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Was the owner driving that evening?

I believe Beagle said the owner's name was Charlie Thompson, who I believe passed away in 2008.

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His name was Kenny, I was told (although I did not confirm that myself). I remember beagle saying that, and I thought to myself, I think he's wrong.

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If I remember correctly, the Carfax for the Saturn also stated that the airbags were not deployed.

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True, but I would bet that there was never an insurance claim on the Saturn (it obviously hasn't been repaired), which, I think, is where a record of airbag deployment would ordinarily be reported. That was my assumption anyway, but I will look into it and clarify whether that is accurate.

EDIT: If there is no insurance claim, the car would still need to be serviced post-airbag deployment. Obviously the Saturn was not serviced.

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Thanks for checking, you're probably right. I wonder...could Fred have filed an insurance claim or would that have helped or hurt? Just thinking out loud.

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I don't believe so with the car being in impound (and the absence of a bodily injury claim).

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If the owner of the Saturn had filed an insurance claim, I wonder if that would have triggered any more of an investigation into how the car got damaged?

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Very good question. because that was really kind of collateral to this investigation.

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A picture of the Corolla in the driveway of Maura's childhood home.