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Ain't no way, Noooo way in h---... She walked up into that cave of trees! Jmo.

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lol. I don't think I've ever asked ... what is your theory?

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Hi fulkstop, you want to know my theory? If so let me get back with you later tonight as I'm busy right now. I'll p.m. you.

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OK, sounds good!

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Nope. And you have seen it in person. I highly doubt she was alone on those dark roads either

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Right Angie.. either she was picked up by, or forced into a vehicle, walked back towards Woodsville, was sucked up by a spaceship or was never there in that area that night in the first place. 😄

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Exactly 🙃

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Yeah but in February the leaves wouldn't be there.

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Was still a cave of trees. And it would have still been dangerously dark through there leaves or not.

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Music courtesy of u/fulkstop

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Hi, silly question of me: is this video to show a way MM could have walked after the accident? Sorry to ask, I haven’t been following much up the case, but is that one of the possibilities with any clue leading to, or just speculation?

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In addition to what Finn said, I want to note that there is currently only one primary residence on OPR, and it's the very first house on OPR. Now, that may have been different in 2004, I haven't researched the issue.

Assuming that there was only one primary residence on OPR in 2004, it is unlikely that the road would have been plowed beyond the first house. One theory I've had (and this is just speculation) is that Maura began to go down OPR, but, realizing that it was unpassable, went left off of OPR and onto the Marrottes' front lawn. https://mauramurrayblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/06/path-opr.jpg

This picture shows that, at least as of 2014, there was a path from OPR to the Marrottes' house.

I like this theory because it explains a few things to me. It explains why Maura would have gone east (the direction of Marrottes' house). Also, the Marrottes' driveway is at or near the spot the tracking dogs lost Maura's scent. So, my theory is that Maura exited the Marrottes' driveway and, perhaps, got a ride (or continued on foot from there).

It would also explain why there were no footprints on 112 from the car, and why no one saw Maura leave the crashsite.

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Great pics! Would the pathway from OPR to the Marrottes been ideal for footprints? Apparently none were found, I'm guessing, but around her car. Yet there were stories about footprints around the Marrottes. If true, I wonder if this is the area spoken of?

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Is the marrottes house the house that was searched a couple of months ago? With cadaver dogs?

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No, it was not.

I can't give out addresses here, but the searched house is west of the Westmans', and the Marrottes' house is east of the Westmans.

This is a picture of the former house of the Marrottes. https://mauramurrayblog.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/notwithoutperil-wordpress-comv.jpg?w=1024&h=668.

I am hesitant to post a picture of the searched house, so I won't lol. i Don't want to get in trouble.

EDIT: Unless the mods say its OK.

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It’s ok, you don’t have to. I just wanted to hear if it was or not :)

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The homeowners originally agreed to have their property searched under one condition - that their address not be released. Although the address is now well known in part due to photos posted by the press, we definitely don’t want to post the address here.

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I've been stumped as to who owned the house as well. I've read just about all there is to read about the case and live in the area and can't figure out the connection. I've definitely driven past it but obviously none of the 'usual characters'. Don't want to be nosy but would love to know the theory.

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I can pm you although I don’t know the full theory.

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Yes sort of. Old Peters is quite close to where her car was abandoned. That said, there were no footprints and ... for what it’s worth the initial tracking dogs didn’t head that way. Many people think it’s possible she went there or hid there etc.

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Ok... that does look like a good hiding place. I’ve always knew that it was a forest-y area with a few houses, but that gives a good perspective. And it’s actually quite a beautiful area.

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Yes it looks beautiful I really like this video. In the other sub there is a post called “Theory: Old Peters Rd” with discussion and maps. I need to reread it myself but take a look and see what you think.

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Thank you Boots for the video and fulkstop for the cover music. This video is amazing.

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If, for some reason, the YouTube version above becomes unavailable, the video can also be viewed here.

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Thank you

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Great work Boots and fulkstop.