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Very helpful, thanks.

Re your questions in footnote 14, I think finn answered them last week.

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Thanks, Bill, but the footnotes are the original footnotes that Christine McDonald included, not mine, so Finn answered her questions (although I did think of that when I was transcribing).

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Of course — the hazards of reading the sub late at night!

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And with a glass of Bourbon, lol.

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He seems pretty certain she got into a car according to this document. He is friends with Officer Smith who he talked to. Why did the speculation by police turn to exposure?

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Following the first search 2/11 which included both the bloodhound running the track twice and a larger search by ground and air, the stated theory was that it seemed she may have gotten into a vehicle (probably a little stronger than that). The notion of foul play seemed to come a few months later.

I can’t say that exposure has ever been a leading theory of LE although it may be on the list of theories on the table.

In terms of Butch, it’s my understanding that he believed she must have gotten into a vehicle because she disappeared so quickly. I do find his phrasing to be “interesting” but overall his phrasing throughout the interview is a bit unusual so I tend to think his style of speech was idiosyncratic. It does pique my interest I can’t lie.

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To be honest, I don't believe that it did. I think the position of law enforcement is that they're treating it as a probably criminal case, but are keeping the possibility open that she died by misadventure.

I think Butch concluded that Maura got in a car because he lived east of the crash site (so she would have had to have passed by his porch if she went east), and he helped search west, and didn't find her there.

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10 to 1 it's FAR stranger this woman did this at all, compared to what is in her interview notes. I've never heard that friends of a missing person, in any case, have ever done this.....No one seems to mention this at all. BOTH McDonalds left their teaching jobs to drive 3-4 hrs to NH, for a car left behind in a DWI runaway, according to police. Jumping the gun I would say, esp if people believe Maura sent 2 emails for being out for an entire week....IMO....

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It would be good to get some background as to how they became involved. Perhaps Bill asked for their help? Or Fred? I say Bill, because he went to west point. I honestly don't know the background.

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Let's put it this way. Let's say this was your long distance GF who abandoned a car and according to LE, left from being DWI. I assume you went to college. Years after you graduated, BOTH teachers you had in college take a leave of absence from their jobs, and drive hours to interview neighbors? Where your GF's car was left, AND after she gave 2 emails for a week off? And you and your GF live halfway across the country? I think the background in this is important here.....

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I don't think any of my college professors even knew who my girls were. Yeah, that NEVER would have happened. It is highly unusual.

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Agreement! Yes, whether "noble" or not isn't the issue here, or even a type of West Point comradeship that caused such concern for them to hastily arrive in NH. In the context of what LE described during the first week as "an endangered DWI run away", it seems very unusual indeed for them to come to the area and interview neighbors. Esp since State Troopers gave local JS a stern warning about interfering, when the case wasn't even deemed a criminal investigation or any signs of a crime had been committed.....

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I concede that it’s unusual for 1) college professors 2) friends close to BR ... doing all of this is a little unusual.

But I can tell you of so many cases - especially when LE is writing off a disappearance (usually assuming the person ran away) - where family and friends get directly involved in trying to get answers.

I was recently following a case where police had clearly written off a disappearance based on a selective reading of the evidence (the missing person had watched the movie Into the Wild etc) ... and they ended up being wrong. I’ve seen this in many cases. In any case, my point is that family, friends and volunteers often do run around trying to get answers particularly when police are not.

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One point on this was that UMass knew she had given 2 emails for her to be away from work and school. Missing an email to her other job for the UMass police security is another story......However, as a grown adult 21 years old, she could walk away or take a break without anyone knowing.

Without any obvious signs of a crime, and with a week off planned, some could assume she said to hell with that car, and went skiing somewhere alone or with a new friend. People who believe she actually sent the emails, should believe that she gave an excuse for a week off regardless of the car being abandoned, and waited to see if she returned to school the following Monday. As the car was Fred's, he had every reason to get up there ASAP to retrieve it.

Without those 2 emails, it would appear even more precarious for that car to be found a few hours away without fair warning in the dead of winter. The hands of police are tied in cases like these, without any evidence of a crime, and esp since adults are allowed to escape their friends/family without warning.

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Fulk, Do we know for certain if Bob and Christine came together? When did they arrive? How long did they stay? I’m wondering why Christine waited days to interview Atwood, if she was indeed up there on the 11th?

I sound like I’m interrogating you lol! What are your thoughts?

I’ve never thought it odd that they came down. I think Billy must have been close to them. I think Maura had visited them, not quite sure. We need to pinpoint their arrival and departure. I’m bugged by the Atwood interviews not being done immediately. It doesn’t make sense, or possibly when LE was deemed to not be doing anything, Christine started her interview process later.

We do know Billy and Bob went to Maura’s dorm together, if that helps....

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I am still looking into this, but I know that Christine was still in New Hampshire as of February 18. https://mauramurrayevidence.neocities.org/192.html.

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Her husband Bob said that Christine went back home to go to work on Monday the 16th. Tho this article has a date of the 18th, it is meant to be the date of publication, not when she was asked the question. Although she may have been asked by phone for this also....