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I don’t know if we’re supposed to post comments here, but I’m going to because something has always bothered me about this.

Look at the picture of the air bag. Written accounts always say “the airbag was deployed”. It pretty clearly wasn’t. Google “deployed airbag” for a comparison.

I think this was pryed slightly open as part of the accident investigation. I really don’t think it went off during the collision.

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Interesting observation about the airbags - I’ll have to look into that. I did read they were both cut out.

As far as this sub - it’s just meant as a repository but if the evidence leads to discussion, I don’t think we’re going to scold anyone or delete comments. (But if there is an interesting topic you might want to start a thread in one of the discussion subs just to get more eyes on it etc etc).

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It always looked to me to have been cut out after the accident. I know Butch stated that they were deployed, but I forgot if that was during the actual 911 call or if it was at a later time.

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you can tell they were cut out