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I just checked this out at my local library! It's good, now I find the bookmark being on the MacDonald Barr chapter "a question of life or death" really suspicious.. it's yet another thing to me that this a red flag that someone staged all this.. unless if Maura did go up there to harm herself that would be the ideal place in the book to leave a bookmark as she's basically leaving a dark open ended message.

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Since the bookmark was "in" Chapter 16 (it's unclear whether it was placed at the start of the chapter, or somewhere else in the text), the last complete Chapter that Maura may have read was Chapter 15.

I find two things interesting about Chapter 15: "Haverhill" is mentioned in passing, and Chapter 15 is about three young people who went camping in New Hampshire during the winter; a brother and sister and their friend.

The brother led the sister out of the camp, so she survived, but the brother went back and ultimately died, along with his friend.

In Chapter 15, there is some discussion about constructing "igloos" when camping during the winter. I find this significant because Maura likely would have applied this information (to the extent that it was applicable) to the situation she faced.

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Here is an article that Bill has linked to the main sub in the past, How 1,600 People Went Missing from Our Public Lands Without a Trace. I think this is an appropriate place to link it.