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Weird. Was the car "on" in this picture? RPM's lead me to believe the answer is no, but fuel gauges show below E when the car is off. So maybe her fuel gauge was broken?

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Good point. I’m not sure about the gauge but we have heard that they actually measured the gas in the tank and confirmed it was full.

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Here's a video the car shown in the on positions with lights illuminating on the dashboard.

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so helpful thank you!

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Well considering the engine temperature gauge is completely cold and all the way over on C, I would say it was off.

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The car could have been off, but the key could have been in the on position.

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Usually that would cause at least one light to be on, on the dash.

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My fiance is a tow truck driver and said many older vehicles gas gauges are readable when car is off. He wasn't sure about this specific model but didn't seem to think it was a big deal. The temperature gauge definitely leads me to believe the car is off.

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How'd you get this!?

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Erinn Larkin sent it to me - it’s from the report. This is all I have. I’ll copy some of what she said in her message but it’s not much just explaining it’s a shot taken straight rather than at an angle.

Here is what she said: "This is one of the pics from the report. It doesn't say anything about how much spare volume there was in the tank, it just says that the tank was full. it's possible she could've burned a half gallon or so and still been on full. i think that means she stopped for gas somewhere off Route 91, but not necessarily at the swiftwater station."

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Ok gotcha 👍.

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We also know - at least from Helena in official - that some expert measured the gas in the tank and verified it was full. So to me that means more than the gauge since I know they can be misleading.

I think this episode mentioned the same although I couldn’t say if they were referencing the same expert or report.

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Thank you very much for posting the picture of the dashboard!

Do you have any other pictures that you can share?

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This is the only one that Erinn sent. Otherwise I’d just have photos that we’ve all probably seen ..

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Thank you!

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My pleasure - I posted it in the other sub but it kind of got buried in the conversation so I thought this was helpful. We’ll probably merge everything into one post with all car related evidence soon.