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That is really interesting to see. Someone really drove a lot of miles in that car - I can’t remember who in the family had been driving it before Maura?

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Fred, before he got the Corolla. It is pretty interesting.

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Neat, Her exact Saturn Sl2? So how can we utilize this info for the case?

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Off the top of my head, I find it somewhat odd that the car was consistently inspected in Weymouth. It was inspected there 4 months before the crash. Now, I know that Maura listed 22 Walker as her address at some point. But I honestly don't know whether she actually lived there. Even if she did live there at some point, she was at UMASS in October, 2003, right? Why would she drive all the way to Weymouth to get a sticker? With one car that I had, I would only go to one place to get a sticker. Why? Because I knew the guy, and it wouldn't have passed anywhere else. Is that plausible here? Yes.

It would be interesting to some how find out where she got the sticker. And, perhaps, a respectful person on this site could try to gather some information related to that inspection.

I am sure that there are other ways that the information could be used. But that seems like one good way.

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Right maybe Fred knew a guy or something that could help the car pass emissions or whatever as it had a smoking problem.

Fred from the oxygen show: "here's what I told her do not drive this car, do not drive it! you will get pulled over, but if you have to drive it you could try this.. you could put a rag in the exhaust pipe and that might get you past the police parked on the side of the road watching you go by, you might make it you might not, probably not.."

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" Right maybe Fred knew a guy or something that could help the car pass emissions or whatever as it had a smoking problem."

My thoughts exactly. So, the car was so bad that Fred told her not to drive it, yet she drove all the way from Amherst to Weymouth to get an emissions test? For those who don't know Massachusetts, look at how far "Weymouth Home" (i.e., 22 Walker Street) is from "Maura's Dorm" on this Map of the Case. https://www.reddit.com/r/MauraMurrayEvidence/comments/awztub/map_of_the_case/enq0vxd?utm_source=share&utm_medium=web2x

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It was done there because it was Fred's car. I was 1.5 hrs away, using a car my dad let me use for college, and it was inspected and worked on at his garage by his guy, not near me.....

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Fred could have went, got it and drove it back to Weymouth and returned it to Umass or something.

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That's definitely possible. Or he could have told Maura to do it, the way he told her not to drive ("You have to bring it to this guy, or it won't pass emissions"). As far as I know, we have never heard where it was inspected, right? I'm sure there are a bunch of places in Weymouth to get a sticker, so it would be helpful to have some information to narrow it down.

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All stickers have the actual garage location, description in a number code....

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I assumed as much, but the only picture I could find of the sticker was not clear enough to make out the number. I guess I will just have to go through the pics.

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All I see is " 10 and Commonwealth of Massachusetts".

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I knew someone who had a connection where the could just buy the sticker without even bringing the car anywhere.

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Also interesting is the fact that there is a missing year, apparently (2000). You notice that? Was it not on the road that year?

EDIT: I believe that the law regarding emissions testing changed, and that is why the annual emissions testing began in 2001. But still, why go all the way to Weymouth? And wasn't the biggest problem with the car something that emissions testing would have had within its scope?

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Right. Maybe they barely drove it in 2000, Maura was busy with her senior year in high school and Fred was probably driving a new car that point.

"And wasn't the biggest problem with the car something that omissions testing would have had within its scope?" ----???

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Haha. You said the same thing in English. I was saying that it had a smoking problem, which would have been "within the scope" of the emissions test (something it would have caught).

EDIT: I think its important to know how bad the Saturn actually was.

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Fred was quoted as saying: “You can’t drive this car - the cops will pull you over in a heartbeat”.

It’s pretty amazing that she drove 135 miles without being noticed or pulled over. We had an interesting discussion in the mm sub about whether or not cops pull over cars blowing smoke. In short: they can if they constitute a hazard.

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Ok gotcha 😆.

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Sometimes my cars were registered under my parents names even though I paid for the registering and maintenance. That was three hours away. Probably not uncommon for young adults.

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The fact that it was registered to Fred Murray is not what I find odd.

I find it odd that Maura drove all the way to Weymouth, Massachusetts, from Amherst, to get a sticker (especially given the fact that the car was not in good condition, as has been reported).

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Also, I know when I went to college, i still would go home for oil changes, etc, especially when I was 21 years old. My parents lived 3 hours from my college too, it was an excuse to go home and takes awhile to get out of the “have dad take care of it” mindset.

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That is possible, but like I said, I'm not sure that any of them were actually living in Weymouth in 2004. There is a complicated history with that house that I don't fully understand. I know Renner and Erinn have both posted about the house, and they seem conflicted over who was/was not living there. I honestly don't know whether Fred was living there in 2004. But it is common knowledge that after Fred moved to the Cape he still listed that house as his address. There have been various pictures posted of the house (some on Renner's blog) which make it pretty clear that it was a dilapidated abandoned house which, recently, appears to have been torn down (take a look at "Weymouth Home" on a Map of the Case -- from the aerial view, it looks like it has been demolished). The only place we know for sure that Maura ever lived (prior to college) was the "Hanson Home" (her mother stayed there after the divorce). Hanson isn't too far from Weymouth; about a 30 minute drive. But if Maura wanted an excuse to go to Hanson, why not get the sticker in Hanson?

Having said that, I was a commuter in college, so you probably have better insight into this issue.