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Hi - welcome ...

Here is a map that I made that has the overview of starting point, ending point, locations she searched, printed directions as well as recent trip with her father October 2003. I'll try to add other maps as well.




Edit: as I look at this map ... the directions in her car were for Burlington, VT but you can see that she bypassed the turnoff that would have gone to Burlington. So basically she was looking at two very different "areas": 1) Burlington/Stowe and 2) The White Mountains. At some point she seems to have decided to head toward the latter (since again she bypassed the I-91 turnoff).

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Thanks! I couldn't find a comprehensive map so I added your locations to a map I made. I may add to it later as I learn more but this is where I am now.


I also added the ski resorts that were close to the accident site just in case she may have been heading to any of these (considering she previously looked for a ski resort and there was talk about individuals that worked at a ski resort).

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Fantastic! It really helps me to see everything laid out this way - thanks for doing this.

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You might be able to consolidate some of yours with this one , and I noticed that you weren't certain where the Massachusetts crash was; the correct location is on this map. The top layer includes the ping radius around the Londonderry cell tower, and where Maura would have been if Forcier had seen her four miles away or five miles away (assuming, of course, that he actually saw her, which is doubtful). Bottom layer are key locations, including her Massachusetts homes, dorm, both crash sites, etc. Note that the "hit and run" on the bottom layer is in reference to P. Vasi, which has been mentioned in reference to the case, but most likely has nothing to do with it.

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Awesome! Thanks

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Oh thanks for this - I saw something like this about a year ago just in (I think) google maps - was that yours or is this new?

I am currently following a case on Maui and they are certainly using cutting edge techniques to track locations - to the extent that we turn our attention to searches I’m interested in what we can do with current technologies.

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I would be interested to hear more about the case. Who is the victim/subject? That map is from 2014.

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On Facebook the group is FindAmanda (one word). She’s been missing just a week or so. Very organized search. Amanda Eller.

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Been following the case a while but new to Reddit , and this is an amazing map!! Ty so much.

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Monaghan's route (according to his report). Red is before arriving at scene, gray is the scene, blue is after the scene.