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I converted Fred's phone bill, using the (SID numbers and Re Poll numbers, when Fred calls a phone number the (System ID number is the preferred network of the number he is calling for billing purpose's and the Re-Poll number is the cell tower that picked up the call.

The Blue Highlighted is Maura calling Fred about the Insurance Forms and it shows up on both their bills with the time stamp and length of call in seconds and the (SID preferred network (4162) is Maura's Sprint Network.

The Red Highlighted is Maura calling Fred on 2/9

However, there seems to be a major glitch on Maura's cell phone bill, on 2/7 and 2/8 and 2/9 many missing calls, incoming and outgoing, that did not register on her bill, from Fred and others, including Bill Rausch that called her and that she called.

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Awesome work Torin! The omissions are VERY strange. How can a call be on one bill but not another?? They don't seem to line up......

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Yes great catch. I’m hoping we can figure out the discrepancies. (I’m getting ready to catch a plane but when I catch my breath I’ll try to give this a closer look).

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If you call another cell which is turned off or in an area with no service the person calling will have the record on their phone bill and the person with phone off or out of service area will not register a call as it never activate a record with a cell tower etc. basically no contact ever made with phone that’s off or out of service. You can leave voicemail and only party activate on a network with signal will have a record of a call

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Could those be voicemails left? I just checked the 2/9 am fm to MM and it is 27 sec. And doesn't show on MM. Maybe vm?

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Check the ROLE number for the call

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Key point here.....

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Is there a chance that Maura called Fred on the morning of 2/9 from her dorm phone?

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I have no idea.

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Huge thanks to u/Torin4U for this - we are combining it with the prior record into one post

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Surprised this doesn’t have more comments, HUGE find and very interesting

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I'll say. I was about to archive it as a resource when I saw the thing about the discrepancy. Hm.