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Yahoo Messenger and not just AOL? News to me.

I would love to go through that computer.

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Oh I know! I agree about the computer.

I had heard about her yahoo messenger before and u/R0sesAreColourful mentioned it recently. Those messages would be helpful if they could be captured.

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Hmm i wonder where this person heard that.

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Let me tag Roses again - I finally got it right but not sure it would send a notification for my correction u/R0sesAreColourful

I definitely had heard about Yahoo messenger but can't seem to track a source. I did read that Yahoo messenger stores message history, so it would seem like a valuable thing to acquire.

Here is a question posed to Helena a few years ago (she didn't really answer just said police have the computer): Helena, I was wondering. Did Maura have a computer and, if so, who has it now? She could have been using Yahoo Messenger. If so, it keeps a history of all conversations.

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YM had the option of not saving logs, although I seem to recall an update ~2000 when YM defaulted to saving in the background. I remember having to manually turn it off.

Even with the option turned off, there were files stored somewhere in C:, such as still images from cams, etc.

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Sorry, I wasn’t around, didn’t see these until now. I’m not sure I remember exactly where but I will see if I can find it again. I’ve been reading so much stuff.. but I may have read it from Topix a while ago.

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Super interesting about Yahoo messenger, first I’ve ever heard it mentioned. Thanks for taking the time to put this together!

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The article left me feeling just as sad as my very first viewing of the Disappeared episode when I first heard of Maura.