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Woodsville/ Haverhill is so tiny but as someone new to the area,and from Massachusetts, It's overwhelming how vast the emptiness of the area is. It's almost endless with nooks and secret dirt roads. Mountain Lakes,the resort community is beautiful and hidden and eerie. And right behind this area. I actually work with the police officer that first responded-hes no longer a police officer. He's a difficult person...

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Wow. You work with CS?

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No, JW former chief

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Whoa. He wasn’t on the scene that night. That’s a conspiracy put out there by John Smith. But that’s still interesting. I’m sure he’s never mentioned the case. If I was him I would sue John.

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Oh i didn't know that. I will say that he isn't beloved by many people- and it was his own officers that arrested him for his DUI and got him removed from the force, so that alone says a lot

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The guy is an ass hole but he had nothing to do with Maura’s death. He got blamed because he’s a jerk and was very indifferent to Maura’s family. For whatever reason that makes people in the online community believe he’s a killer. Some agencies have at least one ass hole drunk cop like this on their force. It’s not uncommon at all. Everyone with a bad reputation in the area she went missing has been accused of being involved at different times by different people.

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There's the rumour here that he paved his driveway right after this happened. In winter. Yeah. He's disliked. And as someone who has had difficult interactions with him at work, I get it

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The driveway is very interesting.

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I don't know if it's true...but I've heard it from several people

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He paved his driveway in winter ?

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That's what a coworker told me

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What other rumors did you hear about the night Maura went missing that concerned JW? I've met JW also but didn't have to work with him...you have my sympathy

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He was on the short list from the beginning of doing this type of work in Feb.....Common knowledge....This led to people questioning circumstantial evidence pointing towards his odd activities....Related? Either way, needs to be checked.....

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I live close to the area, I always am absorbed by the sign for this lodge when I drive by, this is the first I've heard of any connection though.

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The new sign is fantastic, and a nice upgrade 😊 This is another one of many straws grasped at in forming the basis of theories in the online community. The rumor mill is strong, and I’ve always wondered where this one started.

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My bad. I did cross post on another sub after being alerted to my faux pas. Thank you for your response.

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This sub is more for evidence to be stored or preserved for all to see than to ask specific questions, if you are asking a question go to MauraMurray or MauraMurrayCase subs.

But to answer your specific questions:

1) there is no evidence of a UMass party that night or any time around there other than local rumors / gossip. Which doesn't mean it's not true, just nothing official or on the record or such an event occurring.

2) Mckay was rumored to have stayed at the Notoka for 3 or 4 nights around that time. This came from someone on FB Groups about a year ago who claimed to be an ex-worker at the hotel and she remembered him staying there and possibly being romantically involved with another LE (female). To my knowledge, no one has called the hotel to verify that, or if they did, the hotel did not have records of it or would share them. I believe that the "ex-worker" was discredited when she misstated her relationship to someone remotely involved with the case several times.

The McKay hotel stay rumor may also have stemmed from the fact that in the dispatch logs from that night, Mckay is stated to be "off at Motel" for a period of time. I believe that this has been determined to be a hotel in another city, not the Notoka.

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McKay was at a hotel that night but it wasnt Nookta. McKay was with a female cop, her last name is Brunelle and she was gay. Brunelle had committed suicide a few months after Maura went missing.

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I’m the one who alerted the op that the other subs would be a better place to post. That said, I would disagree with the statement that the individual on Facebook was discredited based on a misstatement of her relationship to CM. She subsequently clarified all of the facts. Sainthood is not required to have relevant information here. That said, none of it qualifies as hard evidence.