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Faith Westman transcript

Recording from Grafton Dispatch____________________________________Case F 04-1514

G 1: Grafton County Dispatcher 1 Ronda Marsh
D1 : 9-1-1 Dispatcher
FW: Faith Westman

G1: Grafton County Dispatcher Marsh, can I help you?

FW: Yes um we apparently have uh a car has gone off the road here outside our home.

G1: Ok, is anybody hurt?

FW: Um I, I have not gone out to investigate um-

G1: Ok.


G1: Are you in- you're in Bath, correct?

FW: Uh well actually um no Haverhill I'm on the Weathered Barn um.

G1: Oh you're the Weathered Barn, ok.

DJ: Grafton this is 911 I show it as __________________________ (Inaudible)

G1: Mhmm, right (Inaudible) Yup that is Haverhill, ok um very good uh is this Faith?

FW: Yes.

G1: I'm speaking with?

FW: Yes.

G1: And is your phone number__________________?

FW: Correct.

G1: And your address is _____________?

FW: Right.

G1: Ok, um I'll be sending an Officer.

FW: Ok (inaudible) around the corner from, from the barn.

G1: So after the barn?

FW: Yeah.

G1: Ok.

FW: ____________________________________________

G1: Ok, very good I'll- I'm sending an Officer.

FW: Yeah.

G1: Ok?

FW: Ok, thanks (inaudible)

G1: Thanks Faith (inaudible).

FW: Yeah bye, bye.

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Butch Atwood transcript:

Recordings from Hanover Dispatch____________________________________Case F 04-1514

TRANSCRIPT of Butch Atwood ( 2-9-04 ) call to 911 then to Hanover Dispatch
H1: Hanover Dispatcher
D1: 9-1-1 Dispatcher
BA: Butch Atwood

H1: (Inaudible) Police Emergency.

BA: Yes, good evening is this Grafton County?

H1: Hi.

BA: Ok my names Butch Atwood I'm out of ______ uh, uh road here ______ uh by the Weathered Red Barn. You got a single car motor vehicle accident, he hit a pine tree, air bag is deployed.

H1: What town is this in?

BA: What town is this in?

H1: Yeah.

BA: Woodsville.

D1: Uh dispatch?

H1: Hello?

D1: Dispatch this is 9-1-1 (inaudible) is secondary for Woodsville, I'm sorry I was talking to one of my supervisors.

H1: Ok, ok so the information again was ______ ?

BA: Yup by the Weather Red Barn in North Haverhill.

H1: Any injury?

BA: Uh she’s shaken up, no blood that I could see but the airbag was deployed, heavy damage. It’s right on the bad corner um right at uh the Weathered Red Barn there, it’s about uh three point four miles from the Junction of 302 on 112 or the Wild Ammonoosuc Road, same, same road.

H1: Ok.

BA: It’s a single female.

H1: Ok and what is your name?

BA: My names Butch Atwood.

H1: Ok and phone-

BA: I'm on ______ I'm on ______ .

H1: Ok and, and um a phone number for you in case Grafton has any more questions for you?

BA: ______

H1: Mhmm.

BA: ______

H1: Ok.

BA: All right what happened to all the phone lines into Grafton?

H1: I have no idea we haven’t been told anything.

BA: Every, everyone I rang didn’t go through.

H1: Ok.

BA: Ok.

H1: Thank you.

BA: Bye.

H1: Bye.