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After having been on that road, which is quite narrow and the distance between TWB and BA's shorter than what pictures show, I'm thinking it more likely she either got in a car or bolted down Old Peters.

Remember the footprints behind The Marrottes'? LE said, "not her's" but there's several property owners who've refused access back there.


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I always wanted to clarify this because for the life of me I can't find this road on google maps. Is Old Peters the road now called "Maguire" right before the WB? or what is it refering to?

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Dirt road, right at the elbow.

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Aah got it, thanks. Was driving me mad haha.

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Didn't drive it.

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Very interesting HunterPense, thank you for sharing. Nice to get a clean view on their statements again, especially from 2006 so in current terms very short after the incident.

What stood out to me was them saying they saw lights inside and in the trunk go off for a while until 2 minutes before the police arrive (heard a scanner call?!), wich sounds odd to me coupled with what we learned from the call logs and time stamps. In one version the Westmanns claim to keep watching, in other statements they turned away, wich is it?

Anyways, if they are to be beleived on this version, that would according to them give Maura about two minutes to get away before police arrived (lights turning off etc) wich means she would have gone east. However, according to BA he was on the porch making his calls at that time (discussion still on wich side that porch is), he says he never saw or head anything apart from a few cars. So basically she either probably went around back, or was picked up in those 2 minutes (lets make it 5 just to be sure, feeling time go by is a tricky thing).

It also does not match with witness A driving by at 7:35 seeing an LE vehicle if they are watching the scene the entire time (A said LE-vehicles lights were on).

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or was picked up in those 2 minutes (lets make it 5 just to be sure, feeling time go by is a tricky thing).

yet they said... "and never saw any other vehicles stop, prior to police arrival, other than a school bus "

So if this is to be believed, they weren't watching all the time, or she got picked up down the street, or she just ran up the road, maybe to a house. Whatever it was, she got out of sight very, very fast.

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Agreed, wich makes it very supsicious to me. Its just such a short time frame to disappear in, quite coincidentally really, when apparently 3 seperates houses are keeping an eye on the situation and a police car on the way.

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Nice job, Hunter. As usual. The fifteen minutes between Butch arrival and police arrival lends itself to the 7:46 arrival of Cecil. The one thing that is curious to me though is that they seem to imply she was there 2 minutes before Cecil shows up and then poof was gone. Meanwhile Butch is on his porch watching the East direction, while the Westmans are covering the West direction.

So...to Mac’s suggestion, Old Peters road looks viable. What about snow on that dirt road? Was there any that we know of?

Another scenario, with her seeming to disappear in the blink of an eye...what if she sees the police lights coming in the distance. Witness A mentions seeing the police lights ahead of her as it went up and over hills. What if Maura sees the police lights from a 1/2 mile away, and in a last ditch effort to hide, she jumps into her own trunk. Used the clicker/fob to lock the doors, to make it appear the car is abandoned. She could have exited through her backseat once car was at Lavoie’s. I had a 95 Saturn. There was a latch/button where u could put the seat down from the trunk side.

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I doubt the trunk thing, for that to work out there would have to be so many coincidences, including an unlocked garage at LaVoies. Though I guess it is plausible, for me I'd rank it lower on the list.

The seeing of the flashing lights however I find interesting, it is possible she reacted to that and dashed down old peters for example. I'm not sure about footsteps in the snow, however there has long been talk about a possible sighting/encounter where a dog being walked got spooked by something/someone in the dark.

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True, unless LaVoie caught her trying to escape his garage and did something sinister or accidentally shot her thinking she was a burglar. Have no reason to think that of him but who the hell knows?

Valid point on the dogs getting spooked. Was that account on Bradley Hill or on Old Peters, can’t remember

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It was on old Peters as far as I recall. That road goes very far, though it would be hella hard to navigate in the dark.

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I’ve thought of the trunk thing before but instead of her leaving out of lavoies garage they find Maura in the trunk deceased she went and hid in the trunk but couldn’t get out by the time they do a full search on vehicle she had passed, they panic cause it’s in a personal garage and do a cover up. But I’m sure they wouldn’t have been able to cover up the smell in the trunk by the Friday when Fred comes to see it. I do not believe this is what happens it’s just one of those crazy thoughts I have had on this case.

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Trying to square the times given in this article with other known timeline facts, correct me if I'm wrong:

Crash: 7:25 to 7:26

Faith looks out her window: 7:26

Faith calls 911: 7:27

Butch arrives: 7:29 to 7:30

Butch leaves: 7:31 to 7:32

Westmans say police arrive 10 to 15 minutes after Butch leaves: 10 minutes = 7:41/7:42. 15 minutes = 7:46/7:47.

Did the Westman's just not see the police SUV that Karen saw at the scene between 7:36 and 7:37? Or was Karen was able to get through to her voice mail well before the Beaver Pond pull off, meaning she could have passed the scene later than 7:37? Did SUV001 arrive at 7:35, leave, and another police vehicle arrive between 7:41 and 7:47?

If Cecil was driving SUV001, it looks like he arrived at 7:35, left at some point, and then returned, somewhere around 7:45. Where could he have gone, and why?

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Very much the same thoughts that I was having, but if CS did arrive earlier and made a cursory inspection of the car (bearing in mind the W's say they saw lights going on and off until 2 minutes before police arrival) how could he not see anyone and why would he not have knocked on their door?

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She could have left between 7:33 and 7:34, either walked down the road or gotten into a car, although I'm not sure how Butch and or even the Marottes would have missed either event. FW says no cars came or went after she called 911 and before police arrived. Butch was very likely parking his bus right up until 7:34 or 7:35, so she would have walked right past him, or he would have seen a car stop. Most likely scenario to me is she got into 011, which left and then either came back at 7:46, or didn't. Its very possible Cecil got there in a sedan at 7:46, when he originally said he did. Seems like without photos of the scene we'll never know for sure.

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Certainly possible that she got into 001 and that would also account for the fact there was no screaming or struggling if she thought she was being arrested or taken to a police station. If she did walk anywhere, the most logical place I can see would be Old Peters (or possibly the game trail) as this would not take her past witnesses and I think had she stayed on a main road she would have been seen by someone. FW also says that lights were going on and off in the car and someone was moving around it up until a couple of minutes before the police arrived, which if CS means she was there up until about 7.43/44, unless there was another car there as seen by Witness A approximately 7 minutes earlier. I think that the answer is one of these two scenarios, but we don't have enough to go on to prove or disprove anything at present.