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“This is very unusual" said Fred Murray, her father. “It's not like her to just take off."

Except she did at least once to Boston, alone.

Also, Kathleen said in 2004 she was mad at fred

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We recently figured out that Kathleen and Fred had talked before Kathleen called police - and that Kathleen and Maura had not talked since the Hadley accident. In other words, her testimony that Maura was mad at him had to come from Fred himself.

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The only thing they do have to go on is a call Bill Rausch received on cell phone after he flew back to Massachusetts late Tuesday.

Explanation here? First, Bill said the whimper call came in on his way while boarding the airplane Wed morn, then he did the interview on CNN the following week and said the whimper call came in early Tues morn (before anyone knew of the abandoned Saturn), now this says "flew back" and "late Tuesday"?

Police were attempting to track down from where the card may have come, he said.

Then this odd statement. This article was the Friday of the same week. Yet Sharon Rausch said that Landry told them the call was the Red Cross when they arrived in Haverhill PD Wednesday evening......???? The Rausch family all denied it was the Red Cross.

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Great points - so Landry told them immediately that it was from the Red Cross? That seems a little quick to make that assessment.

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That's what Sharon claimed in her story. Also why would LE be grilling Billy? For a DWI endangered runaway who left the car? I mean that's the narrative they went forward with that first week......Why interrogate Billy at all? He was at Fort Sill during this event....??