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But nothing was found

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Agreed again. I didn't have some motive in posting this, like proving that Rick Forcier killed Maura and buried her body on the property. I am simply trying to piece together what the area looked like the night she disappeared. Plus, understanding where his trailer was can either support or tend to negate the idea that he didn't know about Maura's crash the night it happened and confused the date.

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Visuals are so helpful, it puts you right there. I found this image of the, I guess you’d say infamous, trailer chilling...

The location sets off of Bradly Hill, so anyone walking from 112 would walk up Bradley Hill to get to it, I’d think.

I still haven’t forgotten Barbara’s words about the car’s location. It was indeed a poor interview on Jason’s part, but I gleaned a few valuable kernels from it. I don’t doubt Barbara’s recollections and feel badly that she’s been told apparently that she’s only recounting what Butch told her. Hopefully you can reach out to her again...

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Interesting. Does he still live there?

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No, he does not.

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If I recall correctly, they did ground penetrating radar where his trailer once stood

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Yes, that is my understanding.

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I just read on another post that a witness stated mauras speech was slurred, indicating she was drunk...I'm assuming that witnesses had to be Atwood . In all the years following this case I never knew that. So now its possible , imo, she may have wandered in the woods to avoid the police

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Rick Forcier is an amazing musician and he is hot too.

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John Green was better.

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green failed to reach his potential