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wow. I wish I was so organized! Nice.

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Thank you. :)

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Do you know where I might be able to find call logs on the case?

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Do you know where I might be able to find call logs on the case?

Here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByBfe6nS9-d4bXFhZnhkNmxTMTA/view?usp=sharing

Now - some of Renner's stuff may be more readable in some portions, but redacted. This is a combined version from the murray family website - a copy that was passed out at the old forum and the rest that Renner provides here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B7_atAFvowRhSXdPM1JPNDNGSTg/view

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Thank you!

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A. If you are looking for a particular article by date or publication or its title:

  1. Use your web browser to go to the page at the top of the subreddit entitled: "Printed Media Index - Newspapers-Transcriptions-Other" This is "The Index"

  2. Once on the Index - use CTRL-F to open the search box in your browser. I know this should work in Firefox, Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge.

  3. You can search for the date, name of the title, publisher or author here. Note, Associated Press articles will appear in numerous newspapers with different titles. Sometimes the date will differ up to a few days. You might be better off going straight to the newspaper articles page and searching there, because it has everything.

B. If you are looking for a key word, its best to just go to the Newspaper Articles Page at this subreddit. Example: Every time Butch Atwood is mentioned

Note: that each link in the index points to an article on the main Newspaper Articles page, and every item has been indexed.

  1. If you search from the Newspaper articles page, if you don't see the words "all 309 comments" below the introductory post - then you are probably better off changing your Reddit settings to show them all before you search. Here is how:

  2. In Reddit, go to Preferences at the top right. Go to comment options and change the setting to say "display [500] comments by default."

C. Some things to note about the Index:

I. The articles are in date order. In a few cases, I don't have the exact date - but I am probably close. I put a lot of effort into putting the Index in date order.

II. I tend to use full spelling for dates and names. Examples: February 12, 2004 (not 2/12/2004) Seventeen Magazine (not 17 Magazine)

III. If I didn't have the exact date (only 6 instances) I indicated that the date was approximate by using the term "About" Example: "About May 2004"

IV. Example. Lets say you found the exact publication date for Seventeen Magazine, sited as, fictitiously, 4/28/2004. I've got it in there as "About May 2004." You search for "April 28, 2004" and come up empty. At this point, you can try "Seventeen Magazine" or "About April" or "About May" to find it.

V. Since this will benefit everybody, if you have an exact date for an article that I don't have, shoot me a PM so I can correct it. Or if I'm missing an article, and you have it - get it to me and I'll add it.

D. Some things to note about the collection:

1.. Things that aren't newspaper articles were included because:

A. They are effectively the same as a newspaper article, but came from a magazine or web page associated with television news or show.


B. Was listed or housed at mauramurraymissing.com. This would be the main reason I included Steve Huff's blog or other items that don't seem like newspaper articles.


C. Some other reason I don't recall.