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Full note:

Finding Maura tracing cell phone - the customer service department told Billy that only law enforcement could make a request for such information. I told him to contact the police in Haverhill NH. (They had been in contact with him by this time.) Because of my occupational background and the fact that ‘S. B. Rausch’ is actually me, I called Sprint. Sharon was told that Maura had a Samsung A620 camera phone, but that the cell phone signal could not be traced because her phone did not have the chip which provided that technology. Told phone was active, but it was possible that the battery was dead. (wondered if there is the possibility of Sprint being mistaken and that the phone was active, but that there was no cell phone signal because there is no signal in most of the area surrounding Maura’s accident and that it appeared that the battery was dead.) I also learned that Maura had checked her voice mail from her cell phone at approximately 4:30 PM on Monday, February 9th and that the very last call made from her cell phone was approximately at 1:00 PM on the 9th (both of these times are from memory.) When the cell phone bill arrived in March, we learned that the last call from Maura’s cell phone was to Billy’s cell phone. Billy told me that Maura tried to reach him by phone and sent him one email on Monday, Feb 9th as quoted in the outline. I called Billy and gave him the information that I had learned from Sprint PCS and told him to call the police. Shortly after, Sergeant Cecil Smith from the Haverhill Police Department called me. He wanted information on how he could speak to Sprint to get the information that I had learned first hand. I gave him very detailed instructions, including which option # to select each time, the name of the account, Billy’s mailing address and my social security number. All of these items were required for Sprint to release any information. Sprint was also on notice that Maura was missing. Before I let him go, I asked what he knew about Maura’s disappearance. Based on my notes, the following while perhaps not an actual quote is nearly verbatim what Sergeant Smith told me: “I was on duty last night and received a call around 7:00 or 7:30 PM that there was an accident. I arrived on the scene approximately 10 minutes after I received the call. As I was driving to the scene of the accident, I met 5 or 6 cars. When I arrived on the scene there was no one present. I ran the plates and saw that the car belonged to 61 year old Frederick Murray of Weymouth MA. There was only one set of footprints leading from the car. This is a tourist area and it is not unusual for someone to have car trouble or in this case get stuck in the snow and abandon their vehicle. I assumed we would hear from Mr. Murray about his car. When we did not, we started trying to reach him today ( note: “today” would have been Tuesday Feb 10th). When we finally reached him this evening, we learned that his daughter Maura, was driving the car.” I asked him many questions and he clearly indicated that he had no knowledge that a young girl was driving this abandoned car. He was very nice and sympathetic. He soon called me a second time stating that he was having no success in reaching the department in Sprint PCS. We were speaking on my home phone, so I got on my cell phone and asked that he call Sprint and that I would walk him through the steps. He was still unable to follow the procedure, and by the time I reached the representative, she gave me a direct number where Haverhill PD could call them.