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Comment: If his parents drove from Ohio, why would Bill pick them up? Also, I had an intuition that he landed close to UMass, as I thought I saw somewhere that he went to the dorm on Wed afternoon. Also, there is a break on his cell records suggesting a layover?

Then met up with parents later, and headed to Haverhill NH? We have knowledge he went back to UMass with his WP professor close to leaving NH, but when he first went there seems unclear.....

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OK I’ll check for more details. I may have misphrased “pick them up” vs meet them. It’s my understanding that BR didn’t go to the dorm until Friday with McDonald but Kathleen was there earlier. I’m getting more details.

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Ok cool...im still 50/50 on when his visits to UMass were....

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Also, I thought he departed from Dallas...can’t remember where I heard that!

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I have Bill at UMass on Wednesday as well and that he went to west point to see McDonald and him and his wife went with Billy up to NH and while everyone was searching he was in other states putting up fliers... then ofcourse there is sharon's version of the story. I'd love nothing more to get the actual facts and to where he really was and when...

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Great thanks!