Accident report 2/9/04 Woodsville, NH

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Another Butch Atwood Interview

Another Copy of Hadley Accident Documents - Potter's Rental & North Amherst Motors and College Stree

Another Westman Interview

Any maps of the search areas?

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Arguements Supporting Idea That Maura Was Driving West (Opinion)

Arguments Supporting Idea That Saturn Didn't Hit a Tree - But Instead Was in a Head-on Collision

Article: Maura is Missing by Maribeth Conway (link with all images)

Billy Rausch participation in Oxygen

Billy Rausch participation in Oxygen- Discussion

Billy's Phone Records

Butch Atwood 911 Call transcript

Butch Atwood Call Treanscript

Butch Atwood Interview NHLI

Butch Atwood Quotes & Mentions - Part 1

Case Perimeters - Rules of Thumb to Consider When Thinking About the Case

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Christine McDonald's Interview with Butch Atwood -- Complete with Footnotes

Compilation of information on the red truck seen by RO on 2/9/04

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Discussion about Not Without Peril Book

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Evidence Related to Grand Jury Date

Evidence That A Vehicle Arrived and Left Accident Scene Before Cecil Smith Arrived - Part 1

Excerpt from Sharon Rausch Notes

FBI Quotes and Mentions - Part 1

Faith Westman Call Treanscript

February 2019 Courier Journal Article - initial screenshots

Frank Kelly (Weeper) Quotes from and old MMM Forum - Part 1

Fred Murray Cell Phone Records

Fred Murray Quotes and Mentions - Part 1

Fred's Phone Records - More Information

Front photo of Saturn dashboard

Guy Paradee Interview Notes of Marrottes

Guy Paradee Interview Notes of Westmans


Hadley Accident

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If Maura Was Alone and Not DUI She Had Every Reason To Stay With Her Car and No Reason To Leave

Index - Murray VS New Hampshire - Part 1

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John Healy (New Hampshire League of Investigators) Quotes and Mentions - Part 1

John Marotte Interview With Christine McDonald

Journal Opinion 4/10/19: "Search for Maura Murray turns up Nothing" by Alex Nuti-de Biasi

Journal Opinion Article - February 2019 - "After 15 years, search for MM continues"

Location of Rick Forcier's Trailer

Londonderry Phone Record Warrant


Map of the case?

Maura & Bill's Phone Records

 Maura Murray ATM Still Photos

Maura Murray Carfax Discussion About Original Record

Maura Murray Credit Card Incident - Part 1

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Maura and Billy Raush Phone Recods

Maura's 2 monkeys

Maura's Post Accident Options If No Ride Was Arranged

Maura's Supposed Change in Behavior Towards Car - Did She Ever Leave Massachusetts?

Microsoft Access Database - Grafton County Sheriff Log

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Monaghan's Police Report

More Evidence and Analysis by Erinn, “Fred’s House”


My personal top 10 misconceptions about the red truck seen by RO

My thoughts on the Tandem Driver and related theories

New Hampshire Law Enforcement Manual

New Researchers - Where to Find The Basic Facts Here

New Researchers - Where to Find The Basic Facts

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Nootka Lodge

Officer John Monaghan Interview (Oxygen)

Old Peters Road

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Place to Post Evidence Needs (& Mod Update)

Plausible Scenario in Which Maura Could Have Become Lost in the Woods

Printed Media Index - Newspapers-Transcriptions-Other - Part 1

Quick (partial) clarification - BR's flight itinerary

Quick Clarification on the "whimpering" phone call (mentioned in newspaper 2/13/04)

Quick clarification: "death in the family"

Rausch Family Quotes and Mentions - Part 1

Red Truck Information Posted at Original Family Forums - INCOMPLETE - SEE NOTE AT TOP OF POST

Red truck analysis and compilation

Red truck analysis and compilation

Ruth C. Mehrman - Letter to Local Churches

Samsung SPH-A620 / VGA1000 cellphone Manual

Saturn Evidence

Scarinza Quotes - Part 1

Sharon Raush Journal Entries Obtained/Provided By Clint Harting

Some Emails From Maura Murray

Someone Else Was Driving the Saturn - Fled to Avoid DUI (Opinion)

Sources of Post Departure Facts - Part 1

Sources of Pre-Departure Facts - Part 1

Strelzin Quotes and Mentions - Part 1


The Current FBI Petition Doesn't Matter

The First Law of Tangential Motion (Opinion)

The Infamous Missing Page 9 - Mystery Solved

The Law of 91 or Parallel (Opinion)

The Law of Atwood Separation (opinion)

The Law of Least Luck (Opinion)

The Law of Noisy Abductions (opinion)

The Law of Pre-Cecil Smith Departure

The Way Things Are Organized

Time Maura Left Amherst

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Transcript - Murray vs New Hampshire

Transcript of Cecil Smith Interview on Oxygen - INCOMPLETE - SEE NOTE AT TOP OF POST

Transcript of Dick Guy Interview on Oxygen Show

Transcript of Fred Murray Interview With Erin Larkin - Part 1

Transcript of John Monaghan Interview on Oxygen - INCOMPLETE - SEE NOTE AT TOP OF POST

Transcript of Witness A Interview - Part 1

UPDATE. Page 9 doesn’t matter now according to Renner.

Westman Quotes and Mentions

Whitewash's Interview Write Up - Part 1

Why Maura Said There Was a Death in the Family (Opinion)

Why the Saturn Probably Didn't Hit a Tree, But Instead Was in a Head on Collision

Witness C Statements

Working Back Time of Arrival For Atwood (Opinion)